@carl Does this have a desktop interface or is more for mobile?

@joeligj12 I need to work on the desktop interface, in theory, it is possible to implement it, in practice I barely have the time to do any contribution to it anymore :(

@carl @joeligj12 Great timing, have been looking for a KDE native Mastodon app!

What do you mean by "in theory, it is possible to implement it"? The screenshot shows a desktop app?

I'm running Manjaro. Is compiling from source my only alternative? An appimage or a flatpak would be awesome!

@mikael @carl it works on desktop, but the ui is optimized for mobile

@joeligj12 @mikael Yeah, exactly, I limited the maximum width of Tokodon. This is actually a bit similar to the native desktop client for Twitter on macOS and Windows.

Maybe at some point, I could add some handling for bigger screens.

@carl @joeligj12 @mikael

not necessarily a good idea--soapbox-fe and pleroma-fe runs pretty fine with wide screens on a single column--it does not really hurt to just do no special handling for now for wide width..

@carl @tusooa @joeligj12 @mikael First pic is a bit weird, but 2nd looks OK to me 🤷‍♂️

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