Sxmo UI on Samsung Galaxy S5 @postmarketOS ❤️

Since today this will be my 2nd favorite UI (after fbkeyboard, of course)


Do you have a good tutorial for installing @postmarketOS on Samsung Galaxy S5?


The reason I asked is that I had/have some issues with Samsung Galaxy A3 as it will boot into @postmarketOS but after reboot it goes back to the lk2nd fastboot and doesn’t boot into PostmarketOS and I have to go through all the steps again to get it working. I don’t want to wipe my Galaxy S5 on the hope that it “might” work, but in fact it gets into the same boot loop.

I just saw in your link the following:

Mobile data Broken
SMS Broken
Calls Broken

Can you confirm that these are in fact broken on your device?

If they are, then I have no usecase for this device as it will not operate as a phone

@Mehrad Wiki page shows what is currently supported, yes. I can make SMS and mobile data work soon, but not calls, because audio is not supported for all msm8974 (Snap 800/801) platform yet.

@Mehrad reboot to fastboot on A3 sounds strange. I have also A5 and never had reboots into bootloader mode

@RussSharek device wiki page has all the supported features listed.

And soon S5 will have the ~same level of usability as Nexus 5, I have big plans for it..

@RussSharek currently I have working modem (SMS), mobile data, fully-featured LCD panel driver with brightness control support. This is not yet merged in pmOS repos, but will be soon.

Next longer plans would be maybe flash/torch (flashlight), audio support, ... sensors? I'm not sure yet what first.

@alexeymin @RussSharek Wow that's awesome! I am writing this from a Galaxy S5 I would love to run pmOS instead of Android 😄

@zwerg12 I'm afraid that even if we had all hardware drivers working on klte, it would still be very hard to use it as full replacement for Android daily driver.

@alexeymin Yes, maybe however it would be a little bit more fun to play around with 😄

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