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Translating the entire POSIX standard into Lua so the Minecraft and Minetest computer mod users can share our pain

Fusion power please I don't care who makes money off it just do it

Feeling some kinda way about people saying "fuck Texas" in response to recent events... like you realize the victims of all this bullshit our state government does live here too, right?

🧐🤔 hmm. One can only hope that something like this will work.

The Greatest Technological Hurdle to Making Nuclear Fusion Possible – the Magnet – Just Powered Up

Magnets at Commonwealth Fusion Systems just generated the most powerful magnetic field in history, paving a 5-year road to nuclear fusion.

Please remove this false
and baseless accusation

Fun fact: Because it's now defined in semantic terms as a "thematic break," it's totally conformant for a browser to render <hr> as * * *

You might wonder, but you don't want to know what's in the negative ISO standards

browsing with NoScript really is something else. in awe at the number of sites that have literally NOTHING to show you unless you turn on JavaScript, not even a warning that "this website only works with JavaScript"

Using the text of the Wikipedia article on Lorem Ipsum instead of Lorem Ipsum itself

You are not immune to <strike>propaganda</strike> hyperglycemia

Repurposing our worldwide document repository into a remote computing platform was a mistake.

I haven't had enough bad tech opinions recently

HTML should have been killed and replaced with XHTML and most problems with the Web nowadays can be traced back to the failure of the XHTML2 development process and the creation of WHATWG and HTML5

@alexandra @urusan @mdhughes I think it's the point of Gemini to do so. Their umbridge with the current web is that it's *too* inclusive. When everything is a standard, nothing is.

There are decent arguments to be made in that direction, but this just cuts off the nose to spite the face. Forms and metadata are how people *interact* on the web. I don't throw open a raw socket and sling bytes to hopefully chat with my friend, much as I'm sure Gemini's authors lament. I'm very conflicted about Gemini because it feels like partially a step in the right direction, but at the same time it feels like it cuts out too much from the current Web. I think forms and metadata and so forth have a lot of value and not too much opportunity for insane things to happen.

@alexandra that is absolutely fair. I would argue that more meaningful structure should have been at the core of the HTML5 project. Of course, it was co-opted so that google and friends could push more meaningless web apps, with structure bolted on later by the idea of JSON. Things could have been so much better.

I guess I’m not *unhappy* with the current markup tools, I guess I’m just sad to see Betamax fail, again.

@alexandra I think, as far as HTML goes, that the current structure system is fine-ish. It could do with some cleanup, but anything could have the same said of it.

There are days that I wish the browser would slap my wrist on encountering markup errors on my content, but given that HTML is still just text, and therefore easily mangled by any number of intermediaries, it’s wise to handle structure errors gracefully.

@alexandra At one point in my history of being a web developer, I would have agreed with you. The problem is that browser makers didn't like that malformed content was *supposed* to fail spectacularly.

Basically, they had to account for the fact that content authors were going to be idiots and that quirks mode was more like default mode.

I'd really like to learn how to write a Linux GUI. But I really don't want to decide which graphics toolkit is the least offensive to use.

GTK looks nice, but seems to be paying everyone off. Qt is not open source and people seemed bummed about whatever license thing I don't have time to read about. I'm not sure what to choose.

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