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@alexbuzzbee Oh, good times: Back in the XML & SOAP spec days, I (an HP employee) had a very long argument with an IBM employee about the use of their obsolete mainframe/converted-badly-from-EBCDIC NEL U+0085

The final W3C compromise was NEL is whitespace, not a newline. So nobody's happy.

(Inspired by finding a "line endings" menu in the text editor I use on my phone which includes not just "Line Separator" but also "Paragraph Separator".)

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Depending on the operating system, line endings are represented by either U+000A or U+000D followed by U+000A, except on the now discontinued old-style Mac OS, which used U+000D alone.

*whispers* We don't talk about U+2028

[student begins to open box labeled "U+2029"]

No, don't look at it!

[Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant scene]

TIL about Airyx. A FreeBSD based OS that seeks to create an open OS w/Mac-like experience and ability to run x86-64 compiled Cocoa apps (however much longer those will be published). Love the explosion in alternative OS's again. (H/T @thomholwerda )

Purism has promised to finally give me a delivery date for my Librem 5 order in another email sometime in September.

It's been a long wait. I do understand the reasons. But it's still been a while.

Text-based choose your own adventure but #gemini

Someone needs to make this happen

people shooting off fireworks outside right now and i have to agree there is no better way to memorialize a terrorist attack than loud explosions

The weird stuff that happened after 9/11, if you weren't around for it 

First of all, pretty much everyone went to the gas station for some reason. We heard there'd be price gouging on gas

Everyone thought their pissant little town in the middle of nowhere would be a terror target, kinda like those people who thought antifa was coming to their town.

People bought french wine and poured it I to the sewer to protest France opposing the Iraq War on the UN security council

Any fun sites, HTML5 web-toy things, demos, etc, or absolutely anything (that I can do inside of Firefox) to occupy me in times of boredom? looking for some cool stuff to bookmark

the best framerate is

@danjones000 @cinebox @alexbuzzbee Sure, freezing is a food preparation, and they sell the food there. Same as a taco truck but cold, which surely everyone agrees is a restaurant.

Ice cream truck I used to frequent didn't drive around, it had a little tent and outdoor seats in its parking lot, but drove back to warehouse to restock.

Society: Marijuana is dangerous!
Also society: Here's some dimethyl ether to freeze warts off, you can do serious bodily injury and probably get high off of the CO2. But don't, okay? That'll be $29.

If this is the wrong
place to ask, then please direct
me to the right place

Do you want to go to #space? :blobcatspace:

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