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Me: *Starts writing a function*
Me: Hmm... what if someone passes...

* 1 hour later *

Me: Ok, so I've covered if the Moon is in Sagittarius, but what if they pass half a byte as a string...?

Death mentioned, surgery mentioned, teeth, existentialism 

Update: Post-general anesthesia Alex reporting. As expected, unable to report on status of pre-general anesthesia Alex. Still in process of recovering full normal brain function but now have been prescribed a narcotic painkiller I'm supposed to use sparingly. If severe pain does happen I may end up once again in an altered state of consciousness. Will report on mental weirdness.

Cc: @onan @wizzwizz4 @Hyolobrika

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@alexbuzzbee coin flips are not cryptographically secure. Use bytes read from /dev/random, modulo get_num_genders()

>laptop fan running really fast
>open htop to see what's happening
>CPU usage goes back down to near-0
you fucker

Writing problems: Male characters underrepresented due to coin flips constantly coming up tails

"we have found a way to travel through spacetime"
so, moving?
@alexbuzzbee clearly the remaining answer is to build a superblimp. 🎈
I have a Fedi superpower. Any #peertube instance I create an account on soon goes down permanently.

Sometimes fiction writing makes you go looking for weird information, like "how much would it cost to fly 20,000 people internationally on short notice?" (Note: The answer is "a really big amount and maybe you can't because there might or might not be enough charter planes.")

How to achieve complete computer security:

1. Unplug computer.
2. Open case.
3. Insert excessive amount of plastic explosives.
4. Detonate computer.
5. Collect debris and burn thoroughly at very high temperature for several minutes.

Death mentioned, surgery mentioned, teeth, existentialism 

In about 13 hours they're gonna rip my extra teeth out. This will involve general anesthesia, which is one of the most extensive interruptions in contiguity of consciousness that can happen to you without (at least) a high risk of death.

If I cease to exist as a result no one will be able to tell you, because the entity that succeeds me in the same body with the same memories will not be able to tell that it happened.

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