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@alexbuzzbee I've got a list of “reasons to suspect that Alexander Martin is actually a supervillain” now.

If I had the power to create the Borg make no mistake I would do it without hesitation.

@alexbuzzbee A group of people running a lot of accounts across a variety of different internet cultures, all agreeing on the same stuff to post, and posting it (rewritten for each group) on every account within seconds of each other.

The Borg (they/them)

Bio: Biographical details are irrelevant.

2021-04-02 10:18: We will assimilate this culture as well. Resistance is futile.

"When I die seal me in a concrete cask and bury it in Yucca Mountain so no one will have to deal with my bullshit ever again"

Don't, do not, bad idea 

Poison ivy oil aerosol air freshener

Reminder that today is April Fools Day. Avoid believing shocking announcements.

Mini sci-fi 

After a close call in 2038 resulted in the destruction of 36% of the city of San Fransisco, a series of United Nations conventions effectively banned all research into artificial general intelligence, except for safety and control measures. These conventions have been rigorously and harshly enforced since. Now, 283 years after that accident, we have finally, conclusively proved that the ban was the right decision. We're sorry.

I wish I had a mobile app that let me post without seeing any of the replies until I get back to my computer.

I painstakingly recreated a Mario Paint button in CSS. All the "minimal" css frameworks out there use flat design, which is against everything I stand for, so I had to do something about it.

Every time I or anyone near me uses a gendered pronoun I panic that a mistake has been made even when I know the pronoun to have been correct.

@alexbuzzbee You start growing a third eye. It blinks.

No wait, that was just a dream. You're actually barely lucid and blood is coming out of all your orifices.

You did three quests, but also your dose is up to 3 Sv just today. There is no medical infrastructure. You are very very dead.

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It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

The Fallout series but with accurate radiation mechanics

@alexbuzzbee Who are you and how did you get in here?

To this day I still don't know where that's a reference from.

Hotel front desk attendant: Here's your room key, Mr... Paxman?
Lock Picksman: No, thank you.

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