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@alexbuzzbee Wayback machine:

On 9/11, I was working all morning, didn't have TV or Internet up. Went out for late lunch and nobody was outside, everything was closed. Spookiest thing ever.

The Chinese place I went to every couple days wasn't really open but let me in, and it was being reported on the big screen TV they usually had Chinese soap operas on. And we sat and ate and watched in horror.

So, yeah. I kinda hope someone gets to share that experience.

Imagine being the one person who doesn't know what happened and picking up the paper and it just says "INSURRECTION"

Company policy requires me to inform you that the next area of this tour includes elements that may violate local, state, tribal, federal, and international criminal laws at a felony level or above in the event that you step off the path. Please remain on the path.

Sometimes I get error messages stuck in my head. Like there's one in Kerbal Space Program that says "Cannot Quicksave while moving over the surface" and it occasionally gets stuck for several days.

@alexbuzzbee My theory is anti-trust. Regulators have been convinced by lobbyists that phones and game consoles are somehow not general purpose computers but are instead "unique platforms". That is why many are openly agressive to modders. They can get away with it and are even aided by many governments.

By contrast, I think even the 80 year olds governing the US can figure out that a laptop is supposed to be a general purpose computer and would be subject to anti-trust laws (ex. US v. MS).

Cleaning out my drafts so that's why the weird posts.

@alexbuzzbee Apple hasn't actually locked down the bootloader on the M1 Macbooks as much as I thought they would. Apparently booting works fine, it's just that a second stage bootloader is needed for most OSs as they don't expect iBoot (yes, that's the real bootloader name). There is one in development called pongoOS by a prominent iOS scene group.

Once the Linux kernel is properly ported to M1 SoCs I am hopefully that much of the work can be reused in newer chips.

Odd headline 

Local Enby Fast-Talks Way Into Being Declared Emperex of Rome

*walks into Place Where Motherboards Are Designed*

Can I get an RV64GC?

*motherboard designer bashes another over the head with an Intel CPU*

Can I please get an RV64GC?

Anyone know of an ARM64 laptop that runs Linux well, is more powerful than the Pinebook Pro, and has good build quality and battery life? I'm taking a shot at convincing one of my Apple user family members to buy something other than an M1 MacBook, and unfortunately despite the ethical issues and lock-in it is a pretty good machine, so the bar is relatively high.

Audiobooks and podcasts are fine if you like them, but they still distract you, so probably not advisable while driving at high speed. Sorry.

I don't think I have the skill or motivation to actually design a whole TTRPG but I still like making up concepts.

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I've occasionally thought about designing a tabletop RPG with Absolutely No Special Cases. Instead of having stats (strength, intelligence, charisma, dexterity, what-have-you), skills (lockpicking, swords, whatever), abilities/powers/spells/features (flight, fireballs, bow attack), and so on, all of those mechanical things are combined into a single "elements" or "attributes" list. So if you want you can decide to not even have hit points.

I don't think this would work but it sounds neat.

@privacyint no. stop. don't.

Instead, use *different* strong random passwords for most of your services, and keep them in a password manager.

most password managers will help you generate strong random passwords automagically.

asking people to change passwords often is pushing them to use the same weak password across different services. and that's a way bigger security issue than an old password, especially if the old password is long and random.

Can anyone think of a rule of the English language that's 1) not a universal rule of all human natural spoken/written languages and 2) always followed consistently?

@alexbuzzbee I remember reading that this “rule” is more often the exception

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