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Stole this from past me after discovering it, marked followers-only for some unknown reason, under my account from October 2019.

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"How do you spell this?"

Darn it, English.

Broadly-directed joking public shaming 

The Big Ben bot that posts on the hour has eleven posts in a row on my home timeline. What happened? Have you been derelict in your posting‽ Shame!

My OS-writing PeerTube series 

Well Episode 1 is taking a while to transcode. I have to go to bed now, but I'll make sure I boost it at some point tomorrow once it's actually fully published.

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My OS-writing PeerTube series 

Okay so Episode 0 is fully up and boosted onto this account. Episode 1 is uploaded but still transcoding and PeerTube won't show it via ActivityPub until that's done, so it'll be slightly later. Apologies for the video quality, I have a 5-gig quota and I'm trying to avoid burning it all on five or six episodes.

CP/M Computers \\ Weird nerd shit 

This is neat:

It's a project to bring MSX compatibility to the RC2014. I like that.

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Lesson learned: When normalizing audio in Kdenlive, use the 2-pass normalization.

My OS-writing PeerTube series 

Episode 1 is pretty much totally done, but is almost certainly going to be tomorrow simply due to rendering and upload time, and I still have a couple of additions to Episode 0. There's a very good chance that both will be up tomorrow, but I'm still not making any promises.

Joke, gaming 

I wonder how the PS5 will be when it comes out sometime in 2021.

Indigenous people from modern day Canada and Alaska invented the first sunglasses. The oldest pair known dates back to the year 1200. They work by limiting the amount of sunlight that hits your eyes, preventing snow blindness.

My main present this year is this Logitech flight stick. Works perfectly with Linux as a USB HID joystick. Set it up with Kerbal Space Program and started learning to fly with it. I'm already better at planes than with a keyboard, though I still can't reliably land on a runway.

Replacing the entire Internet with one gigantic token ring loop.

If you get lucky you may get to transmit sometime in the next three years or so.

The inevitable result of all human technological and cultural development is space shanties.

Circle part of a whiteboard as "do not eat" and see how long before somebody erases it.

Just discovered that the other identical MacBook Pro also has swollen batteries. Great! Fortunately the drive is an E-key M.2 and we can get an adaptor from that to M-key.

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