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Sometimes I forget how weird yet elegant Unix can be, and then Linus Torvalds writes

/* 64 processes */
fork(); fork(); fork(); fork(); fork(); fork();

$ kill
kill: not enough arguments

fish is not yet mad enough to commit murder.

I have now written


This is going... somewhere, I guess.

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I've just written the line of code

self.keys[key.key] = key

I ran makewhatis and now man -k gives permission denied.

This installation is truly cursed.

Do be careful not to step on changes from multiple devices. I believe there are modes that will keep newer files on the receiving end, so just make sure you use that and sync in both directions.

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You: NextCloud, ownCloud, SyncThing
Me, an intellectual: rsync

It's even recommending me things that I gave a "thumbs down!" How are you this bad at this?!

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Now it's done the same thing with DS9! How about this for a system:

1. Assign a few tags to everything.
2. When I "thumbs up" something or watch a lot of episodes of it, increment some scores on its tags. When I "thumbs down" something, decrement the scores.
3. Give me a way to manually edit the scores for individual tags.
4. Recommend things with the biggest total tag scores.

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It lets you "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" something, but then it doesn't seem to use that data (explicit feedback!) in any way. But then it makes wacky associations between new things and something you watched based on no apparent relation and acts like they're the best recommendations it can come up with.

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Very few of them had any similarity to TNG at all. I honestly don't understand Netflix's recommendation system at all.

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Netflix gave me a recommendations row named "Because you watched Star Trek: The Next Generation." I was like, cool, that's a good thing to base recommendations on. Except most of the recommendations were things with "dystopian" or "gritty" in the tags. ??? That's the opposite of TNG! What are you doing?!

emerging 255 packages

I'll leave this running and come back in a couple hours.

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Success by temporarily removing Unicode case-folding support from SQLite and Bluetooth support from Python.

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eselect profile set and emerge


Error: circular dependencies

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"Gentoo isn't that hard." - Me, spending a month trying to get a working wlan0

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Finally fixed the firmware on my new Gentoo install! Turns out it was trying to load the firmware from the initramfs, which didn't have a /lib/firmware directory. I copied the firmware and now my radios work!

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