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Dear right-to-left script users, what behavior of arrow key caret motion do you prefer in a text editor?

"Logical" means Windows-style—cursor might jump and invert direction on bidi boundaries
"Visual" is macOS style—motion corresponds to arrow on the key

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At work we're looking at replacing our old proprietary phone system that no one understands and will probably die on us with a new Asterisk-based system.

I thought we were going to have problems with hardware requirements.

No. Turns out it would be harder to build an underpowered machine than an overpowered one, at least in our case. There was much joking about running the phone system on a Raspberry Pi or a smartphone, or about having dozens of failover backups scattered around the building.

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@splatt9990 I have accounts with several organizations that use the same system.

I was just having trouble with an SSO system. It consistently refused to log me in. I turned on "collect advanced troubleshooting data" and it worked.

Character: You've been on an IV drip for a year and a half.
Character: Have a medium-rare steak.

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Fandom (Star Trek) 

@amiloradovsky Libre is a great term, but literally no one will understand what I mean if I use it at work.

In my own head and with other advocates I say "free software," but at work and online I use either "open-source" or "free/open-source" depending on who I'm talking to.

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