The newest innovation in self-defense: The thermonuclear knuckleduster.

Unfortunately, while this was effective in trampling the basic minions in the way, the big bad was able to teleport away despite an attempted use of Counterspell.

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A triceratops has a base running speed of 50 ft./turn (turns are 6 seconds). Haste doubles speed, and it adds an additional action. Actions can be used to Dash, which increases speed by its full value after modifiers. We decided not to argue about whether this meant 300 ft./turn or 400 because the enemy wasn't far enough away for it to matter.

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Today's D&D session produced a cavalry triceratops moving at least 50 ft./second.

I like to think that every time someone switches to DuckDuckGo someone in the Google Command Center looks at a blinking light, curses, and shouts "we just lost another one" to a gruff and irritable suit-wearer of some kind.

POLL: Bookworm:

I finally found a mushroom dish that I like. Unfortunately, it is deep-fried.

Today's D&D session came up with "Sara Three-Ears," the elf gangster.

Pouring pretzels into a bag and shaking them with salt, onion power, and MSG to create Sad Chex Mix

WARNING: Unidentified computer hardware found in this parking lot will be DESTROYED

@mike Certainly good to have more viable replacement parts for the C64. They may have made a lot of them, but some of the parts are still running out...

Voting in the US 

@Sulairris You can request a ballot online, but yes it is very dumb.

Voting in the US 

Here's ProPublica's 2020 voting guide. It says basically everything I wanted to say on the subject:

@rune It worked shockingly well, except for the video card, which wouldn't go above I think 800x600. It helped that the machine was even more out of date.

@rune My FC5 disc came from a book, and I think it's still in the back sleeve. I actually ran it as my daily-use machine for a while circa 2009-2010 (it was several years out of date by then).

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