Switch to another application, then come back here and reply with the first words your eyes landed on.

User "nobody" is still somebody; it has a UID

The real nobody is when you have no UIDs or GIDs, at all

@amolith I buy my ebooks from ebooks.com. No idea if they're scamming me but the prices don't seem exceptionally unreasonable and I get unencrypted epubs (where the publisher allows it grumble grumble) which is good.

Slightly dumb Rust question 

@wizzwizz4 @bugaevc I am as always under the tyranny of #![no_std]

Slightly dumb Rust question 

@bugaevc I suppose I should keep it in my back pocket though for when I end up writing exec wrappers.

Slightly dumb Rust question 

@bugaevc That makes sense also, though I pretty much always see those as -> ! rather than using a Result.

Slightly dumb Rust question 

@bugaevc Does Result<!, E> mean the function always fails? That seems... odd.

Slightly dumb Rust question 

Result<(), E> or Option<E>?

(I've already answered this question for myself I just want to start drama.)

@sotolf gender can be a highly volatile substance under relatively common conditions and experiments involving it have killed multiple researchers in violent accidents

stand back

@alexbuzzbee @aphyr When it alternate between IO bound and CPU bound, stick to multiprocessing which handle both well, there's nice interfaces like docs.python.org/3/library/conc and docs.python.org/3/library/mult to dispatch the work, depending on what's you're doing.

Small brain: There are two genders
Normal brain: There are many genders
Large brain: There are infinitely many genders
Huge brain: There is a continuous spectrum of nondiscrete genders
Galaxy brain: There is a continuous multidimensional space of nondiscrete genders
Universe brain: There are no genders

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