Oversimplification for humorous effect 

*communism intensifies*

This is what overspeccing looks like. Learn the warning signs. Don't be like me.

US politics meme 

(Made with kdenlive, youtube-dl, a sharpie, a piece of paper, and a smartphone.)

My main present this year is this Logitech flight stick. Works perfectly with Linux as a USB HID joystick. Set it up with Kerbal Space Program and started learning to fly with it. I'm already better at planes than with a keyboard, though I still can't reliably land on a runway.

What I've been working on for LENS recently: Logging! Not a very sophisticated logging system yet (no timestamps), but it does color things and if you redirect fd 2 (stderr or what LENS calls standard log) to a file it writes a binary log file that can be read by a 20-line program (and most of that is boilerplate).


I've since launched five more flights, including a power truss with solar panels and batteries, a science module with a laboratory and experiments, a fuel tank with monopropellant so the station can act as a refueling stop, a docking truss with smaller docking ports for regular ships, and another crew shuttle that brought some scientists to run the lab as well as a third pilot because why not.

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This is how Christmas works in a house with an ex-Navy dad.


So Kerbal Space Program runs well on this machine. I'm building a space station now. Unity Station is at 750km, has an "outpost module" providing crew space, basic functions (power supply, heat dissipation, maneuvering, etc.) and some docking ports, an adapter for small craft to dock, and a crew shuttle which brought the crew aboard (and can also act as a lifeboat if needed).

Rapidly-changing images/flashing lights 

Using the power of /sys and Python to make my new laptop into a party device.

Look what turned up in the mail today. I ordered this a little more than a week ago. Perhaps I should look for an obsolescent computing club of some kind... :D

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