I really want an ActivityPub server that implements the entire spec in a non-opinionated way (so it doesn't know or care at all about the contents of the objects/activities it's moving/storing/processing, as long as they fit the requirements of the spec) and a client that uses the client-server side of the ActivityPub protocol (maybe with extensions, sure) instead of a server-specific API.

@alexbuzzbee I also want this and asked about it a few months ago at socialhub.

Now I know it doesn't exist but am working to get some projects to be more data-agnostic by working on decentralized web-of-trust-based moderation.

Which part of this are you most interested in? Got a favorite language to build in?

@alexbuzzbee The closest I found to a full implementation of AP was gofed and when I saw that I started to think that nobody wants a generic AP server since it would be a lot of unexercised code.

I am curious though, if you get a chance, to point me to why you want the C2S.

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