Anyone know of a good US$25 or cheaper standard QWERTY keyboard with a generic, blank, customizable (at order time), or Linux label for the Super (OS/GUI/Command/Windows logo) keys?

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@alexbuzzbee hmm probably not $25 but coolermaster usually puts their logo instead of the windows logo. Id rather their logo than Windows. They do have some cheaper membrane keyboards but i think they are more in the $40-$50 range unfortunately.

@Hawk1291 @alexbuzzbee Probably better to just buy the keycap by it's self. I want to get key caps to replace Win/Mac key with "supper" and "opt" key with "meta" maybe someone want to do a bulk buy with me?

@alexbuzzbee old Sun Microsystem keyboards? ^^ (they just put a diamond on the Super key)
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