If you don't like , please get your code off . It's just Microsoft wearing a mask at this point.

, @codeberg, and .com are all viable alternatives depending on your priorities.

You can also self-host GitLab, Gitea (the software @codeberg runs, and one of the easier options for self-hosting), plain Git, and a variety of other options if you have a server or can pay a few dollars a month to rent one.

cc @Linux_in_a_Bit @thor

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg I guess you could also just use a self or privately hosted git instance.

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg @Linux_in_a_Bit yeah, true about GitLab. drawback of plain Git is that you lose features such as browsing code online. sometimes it's useful to link a dev to line 324 in to point something out.
@alexbuzzbee i think i set that up once, yes. you can do so much more with systems like GitLab, etc

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg @Linux_in_a_Bit @thor cgit is great, you really don't need a fancy-dancy multi user thing like gitea for one person.

Coincidentally, I've previously written a tutorial on how to self-host cgit here:

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg

#GitHub is a major attack vector against #Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core hosts the code on GitHub but also at their own site. Some other Bitcoin projects run their own #gitlab instances but the majority do not.

If #Microsoft is someday compelled to screw with Bitcoin they can at the very least knock these projects offline for a period of time.

Open source projects should at a minimum host their code in a location additional to github.

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg

SourceHut: love the minimalistic style, but git-email only. I like my Magit :(

Codeberg: no proprietary projects (yet. Important to me because of work and my preference of having every project at a single place).

GitLab: horrible UI, especially on mobile.

I’d love to completely leave GitHub behind but it’s impossible (for me). Not to mention that most, if not all, projects that I’m interested are hosted there.

@telroy Don't delete your account from GitHub, but just move your code elsewhere. Use Github only when you have to contribute to a project

@lordrishav I did that (moved everything to GitLab a few weeks ago) but I just can’t get used to it’s interface…

@telroy @lordrishav Plus GitLab doesn't play nice on mobile devices. Gitea is far better for that though...

politics aside: when github came out it could display branche tree between project forks. That was great, so they decided to kill it! Today other things have become important like ci pipelines, or container registries, which are not native in github afaik. I also like the idea of being able to install on premise. Which is why I prefer gitlab over github. and gitea are viable options, too.

> it could display branche tree between project forks

Can't it still, tho? e.g.

it is not the same, it could display on a commit level in its ealy days.

ah yes, that one! it is back again 😍 (probably a while, i have not looked)

@alexbuzzbee @codeberg actually is not the "best" alternative. It's powered by a for-profit-company, they also have a Pro-Plan, they use Google Captcha...

@fossdd Nothing wrong with being for-profit, but they have some very bad privacy practices. They use Google Captcha, Cloudflare and Google Analytics

@lordrishav Yes, i personally try to avoid using much for-profit companies.

@alexbuzzbee GitLab is open core, not open source. I don't see any benefit to using them over GitHub. Certainly not for the sake of software freedom.

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