$ stress-ng -a 12

*desktop goes black*


... Hm.

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I think it was the OOM killer trying to make space for root's processes and it ended up taking down my login shell and my Wayland session in the process.

@alexbuzzbee interestingly the comments in the OOM killer source code explains:

"we try to kill the process the user expects us to kill, this algorithm has been meticulously tuned to meet the principle of least surprise ... (be careful when you change it)"

How would you rate your level of surprise on a scale from 1 to oh-my-God-what-did-I-ever-do-to-you-Linux! ?

@alexbuzzbee that being said the algorithm does seem very sane.. Even if it clearly picked the wrong process in this case.

@rune I am totally unsurprised that it decided to leave the daemons alone and instead kill the session where the thing using all the memory came from. It would have been preferable if it had killed the stress test and left the rest of my session alone, but they probably assume that if you have something using that much memory suddenly you want to it get that memory.

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