Intellectual property idea 

I've been thinking about ways to improve intellectual property for a while, and I think I've got an idea. Limit exclusivity to a short period, say 5 years for copyrights and 2 for patents, but have low fixed-rate royalties for profits above a certain minimum off derivative works, and higher rates for straight-up copies. Let that go for another, say, 25 years for copyrights and 8 for patents.

Obviously the numbers need work, but what other problems are there with this?


Intellectual property idea 

The point here is to still reward people for coming up with good stuff (the whole point of IP) while sharply reducing the ability to just sit on that stuff and refuse to let anyone else use it. Obviously it's still imperfect but it seems like a much more practical reform than some.

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Intellectual property idea 

I think trademarks are fine as-is, for the record, as long as the rules are enforced correctly. So that would help prevent someone claiming to be the original/official version of something someone else came up with.

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