Tired: Application with Web-based user and programming interfaces
Wired: Application with email-based user and programming interfaces

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@alexbuzzbee kinda, but also not really.

It uses HTTP, and post contents are HTML, so yes, web technologies. But it's not something you would read/use with your regular web browser —

you need specialized software, like the one I'm using to write this toot, and the one my instance will use to send it to you once I got that blue button

@bugaevc Yes but the ActivityPub protocol is a Web standard designed to use Web technologies, so I consider it part of the Web more than its own thing.


Fired: Application with Fax-based user and programming interfaces.
Re-hired: Application with Morse-code-based user and programming interfaces.

@nathand @alexbuzzbee I want the Morse-code-based user and programming interfaces to be a thing (if it isn't already).

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