An AI is trying to take over the world, but it can only use the information stored on your computer(s), phone, etc. How far does it get?

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Mine gets lost in weird code and eventually ends up constantly rewriting all its plans to take such weirdness into account, which then causes the plans to fail because most people aren't as weird as me.

@alexbuzzbee It finds a random dungeon generator and never escapes, only kills a few players.

In June last year, #Microsoft patented a #digitalCurrency that would use people's #brainwaves and mental effort to mine currency.

The elite really hate bitcoin. Could you imagine the singularity they could achieve if all that energy was directed into people to watching ads for 1c each ad, then optimising the ad based on the 15 different brainwaves?

But #worker-owned #Huawei is evil.


@dsfgs @mdhughes Please explain how this is relevant to the current discussion.

@alexbuzzbee @dsfgs This is what happens when someone's very stupid subhuman AI finds Fediverse.

The AI doesn't merely stay on the phone. If it is generally intelligence it will find ways to take energy from things that empower people. And it will hack into peoples brains to learn about how to do that, and how to imprison them.

It may be too late for Australians. We are too far along the technocrat route, and can't seem to turn back.

You are right we were cryptic. But hoped you might get the meaning.

@dsfgs Why should I not report and block your account for reply spamming?

@dsfgs As far as I can tell it's totally unconnected to the rest of the conversation in this thread. It appears to be entirely an attempt to talk about your own thing somewhere people who aren't interested in it might be made to see it. That's spamming. Unless you can provide a satisfactory explanation, I will respond appropriately. You can talk about what you want on your own feed, but hijacking threads with completely unrelated content like this is not acceptable.

We probably should have trusted our instincts more when engaging in adventure with you. Stay well.

@alexbuzzbee It becomes a mediocre shitposter, a mediocre hacker, a mediocre beatmaker...

... 3d print some guns, and also does some lewds on the side

@alexbuzzbee Mine reads a couple of papers on machine learning algorithms, creates a giant puzzle a la Sokoban, Myst, and Monkey Island, and puts the whole humanity in it.

Of course there is a way to solve the puzzle and stop Matrix-like enslavement of the whole humanity. In that case the AI will go "fair enough", and then backup and delete itself.

@alexbuzzbee Depending on how this is interpreted, either “nowhere”, “hardly anywhere” or “it takes over the world”:

• “Nowhere” if it is limited to my processor, and can't gain additional information by instructing my computer to look stuff up online.
• “Hardly anywhere” if it has supercomputer capabilities and can't get internet.
• “It takes over the world” if it has supercomputer plus internet, or hypercomputer without feedback from the internet (it just needs to AIXI in the latter case).

The AI connects to many devices through peer to peer networking, takes over those devices, and jumps from there to decentralized networks. It leverages that to gain control of the internet at large. It slows networks on its own whim, affecting everyone's streaming. It gathers followers who worship its power. Temples are built to honor it.

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