Imagine being the one person who doesn't know what happened and picking up the paper and it just says "INSURRECTION"

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@alexbuzzbee Wayback machine:

On 9/11, I was working all morning, didn't have TV or Internet up. Went out for late lunch and nobody was outside, everything was closed. Spookiest thing ever.

The Chinese place I went to every couple days wasn't really open but let me in, and it was being reported on the big screen TV they usually had Chinese soap operas on. And we sat and ate and watched in horror.

So, yeah. I kinda hope someone gets to share that experience.

@mdhughes @alexbuzzbee I was on the road all during when it happened yesterday. I stop for a break and the headline on my phone read “protesters storm the US Capitol “

Was about ready to go home and grab my bug out bag ​:ac_facepalm:​​:ac_laughter:

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