Web developers:

If your page is nothing but

<noscript>JavaScript is required.</noscript>
<script src="/app.js"></script>

then you have failed.

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@nik Last I checked SSR only handles the initial render on the server side and still required client-side JS for anything to actually work. That doesn't really address my issue.

@alexbuzzbee "for anything to actually work" would at that point mean features that require js to work, no? like at that point you'd have to start cutting features off

@nik Yes. Web applications should be designed to work at least partially without JavaScript. Disabling JavaScript partially or fully is a pretty standard security measure, and some browsers (in particular aural and braille browsers) don't support it at all.

@nik My complaint is strongest with pages like articles, image galleries, comment or forum pages, blog archive listings, etc. that don't even have any interactive features beyond basic hyperlinks and forms.

@alexbuzzbee @nik Also there's the commandline browsers like Lynx...

I'm guessing you're referring to my handiwork when referring to auditory browsers? I'm not seeing any others?

Hmmm a search brought up some interesting results...

@alexbuzzbee @eletrotupi

1. stop using JavaScript
2. build real Web Pages
3. learn coding
4. build native Apps
5. stop building fucking WebApps
6. kill JavaScript

@SeanGeil @alexbuzzbee @eletrotupi there is only one reason why js still exists: people want apps to look fancy which is provided by browsers which currently don't fully support anything but js

@alexbuzzbee I agree with the spirit of your criticism. More specifically I'd say "if your web thing can work without js it should work without js". Something like jitsi couldn't work without js so I think it's reasonable for it do to something like what you've described.

@zethra @alexbuzzbee Fair criticism, but even then pages typically either say nothing, or they don't elaborate on why they require JavaScript.

Please justify yourself when asking people to enable JavaScript! It's not hard, and if it is you shouldn't be requiring it.

So is tis suggesting we don''t need to use JavaScript?

@alexbuzzbee what if you are in fact making a bona fide web app, an interactive application, where no content is being served as such? what if the HTML you do display is in dynamically loaded DSL templates?

@alexbuzzbee uh. why is there a <noscript> tag? like.. just have the default text be <h1 class="message">JavaScript is required</h1> and at the start of your blabla.js just set the style of .message to "display: None"

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