@alcinnz Do you have a more complete list of your projects? The "Projects" area of adrian.geek.nz/ only shows Odysseus, an ambiguous icon, and a bunch of white for me...

@alexbuzzbee Those are my active projects (though I probably libdggs there as well, which I'm doing in work time).

I haven't started on Biblion or Hephaestus yet.

That other icon is meant to be an owl, and it's my contracting business. I think I'll move that into my navbar now.

@alcinnz Do you have blog posts anywhere about the ideas behind those not-yet-started projects? If you do, I can't find them on the site (and neither can DuckDuckGo). Do you have another blog, or did you just post here? If the latter, well, that's not very easy to find later... Anyway, I'm just interested in those projects (for reasons that should be obvious).

@alexbuzzbee Hephaestus's is at rhapsode.adrian.geek.nz/tv . Biblion will be subset of that to help me get started, by rendering the output to PDF.

Otherwise no.


@alcinnz Alright, thanks!

I'm thinking somebody does need to start an actual new desktop browser. Either based on Servo or a completely new engine. Unfortunately, it's going to be necessary to maintain some level of compatibility with the "modern" Web or it will never see broad adoption... I don't think Firefox is under desperate threat quite yet, but we need redundancy. Anyway, that's just a tangent. Your projects are certainly steps in the right direction!

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@alexbuzzbee Thanks!

I must say, seeing that Mozilla's potentially under threat does make me feel more pressure. I was really hoping they'd last at least long enough for us to transition to a simpler web (though not all of them believe in such a thing), but now I don't know if that's a given.

For a "modern" JS-compatible browser, I'm guessing Servo's your best bet. Netsurf's also trying but I'm not sure it's achievable.

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