Considering using Fossil VCS. Any comments?

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Fossil seems to have better UI in some places and worse in others. The presence of a built-in (albeit Web-based) GUI is nice, but some of the command-line functionality seems lacking as a result. It also seems like it would probably be worse for distributed development, though that is partly by design.

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It's still too early to really say whether the functionality is better or worse than Git, but just using it for a few minutes didn't immediately enrage or confuse me.

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@eletrotupi Wiki, ticket tracking, discussion threads, etc. as part of the repository, repository databases as single files instead of directories, built-in server and UI. I'm just evaluating, not switching away from Git.

@eletrotupi It could easily be argued that Fossil is too monolithic, but I'm going to try it and see if it irritates me.

@eletrotupi @alexbuzzbee it's supposed to be really good. It has some distinct advantages over git. I had read an article about it explaining some of the ways it is better but I can't find it now.

I for one am curious to hear your this experiment goes.

@alexbuzzbee please update once you've used it a while. I was thinking of trying... someday

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