I'm going to try to run my life with databases instead of my squishy brain by 2021. This probably won't work.

First I'm going to build some nice infrastructure tools for working with the databases, and then I'm going to start building a decent to-do system and expand from there.

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@alexbuzzbee I remember using something called Ordo (IIRC) on Mac OS 6/7 that was a nice personal DB based on an index card metaphor. I'd really love something like that these days.

I got a subscription for Airtable and really tried to like it, but it was too terrible. Would really love something like this that's not web subscription crapware, so I'll follow your progress with interest.

@bkhl The tools I'm thinking of are mostly for turning database records into text to be handled with standard Unix tools, and then back again. There's also bits I have planned for sending and receiving mail using the same format, for graphical forms working with the contents of the database, and for "watching" the database or the text files and waiting for specific changes.

I figure some data is easier to handle as text, and some in a database, so why not combine them?

@bkhl Maybe these are weird ideas, but I can see it being a lot easier to put together scripts (sed, awk, sh, Python, etc.) when you can pull records into text files to work with them. Plus, I like mail as an interface a lot more than I do HTTP.

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