I would like to remind everyone that if I follow someone or boost their post, that does not mean I think they are a good person. It means I find their posts interesting, and that is it.

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@alexbuzzbee you could do with even less rope: "if I follow someone or boost their post, that doesn't mean anything, unless further clarified by me"

@namark @alexbuzzbee After over a year, I've finally worked out how to word my objection:

Rope is useful. If you want to go for rope minimisation, better not to assign meaning to words.

@wizzwizz4 assigning meaning to words is our best bet. Assigning meaning to arbitrary inconsequential actions within a virtual natural habitat someone dreamt up while high on snake oil is probably the worst possible bet. Bonanza and peekaboo would be more apt names for whatever follow and boost are IMO.


@alexbuzzbee I boosted this. I may or may not think you are a good person. 😉

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