Extreme solutions to privacy/software ethics concerns 

Nationalize Google and release all its copyrights and patents into the public domain.

The surviving Big Tech companies will be scared so far out of their minds that they won't touch another neural network for a decade.

A bill implementing said extreme solution 

A bill to address abuse of digital technology by a certain corporation

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

That the California corporation Alphabet Inc. shall be acquired in full by the United States, by way of eminent domain, and any copyrights or patents owned by said corporation or its subsidiaries shall immediately enter the public domain, effective immediately.

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RE: A bill implementing said extreme solution 

Only just realized immediately effective immediately. I guess that's why they put bills through committees...

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RE: A bill implementing said extreme solution 

@alexbuzzbee There _might_ be an argument for that language. Though yes ;-)

RE: A bill implementing said extreme solution 

@dredmorbius I think I was trying to apply the "effective immediately" bit to the eminent domain, but in that case the first "immediately" should have been removed.

RE: A bill implementing said extreme solution 

@alexbuzzbee Yes, I get that.

But noting that a committment must be both _made_ and _effective_ immediately does actually cover two distinct characteristics.

It might not be what you were _trying_ to say. But it is a thing that _can_ be said.

One of the reasons language-lawyering is A Thing.

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