@fribbledom SQL is a good data manipulation language that's been shunned for reasons I don't understand, and Java is the new COBOL. Not surprising.

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@xj9 @alexbuzzbee @fribbledom I hope this is one of your famous jokes. Otherwise... spare yourself this pain.
@xj9 @alexbuzzbee @fribbledom Well, I suppose it is the correct move if you're trying to land a Big Corp® job.
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seems like an easy way to get big paychecks which is what i'm optimizing for rn. land is not cheap.
@xj9 @11backslashes @alexbuzzbee @fribbledom my first IT job used sql + java (+ proprietary IDE most importantly) and it was amazing, reading, writing, deploying, and debugging was the best experience of any language ecosystem i've learned since. the language is static verbose and stuff but the IDE can do so much for you, and theres libraries for everything. for me its even better than emacs at being the entire OS, you can deploy to remote servers, good sql admin and query editor UI, autocomplete in the ide linked to sql schema and stored procs, auto-refactor tools, code autogeneration, on and on im seriously a fan
but i get how depending that heavily on proprietary software can feel like giving up your freedom to create too

Eclipse is a free IDE and has at least half of th features you've mentioned.

And tbh I too enjojed coding stuff in Java. With an IDE by your side, static types and verbosity are *good*. They make the code easier to understand and reason about, but you stilk don't need to type those things by hand, because the IDE is here witg autocompletion, error underscoring, and suggested autosolutions (eg for missing imports, uncaught exceptions, etc).

I've heard that the more enterprisey parts - particularly JavaEE - are a hell, but I haven't touched those.

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@Wolf480pl i haven't tried it for java, but ive used another ide based on Eclipse called Code Composer Studio to cross compile and flash C code onto Texas Instruments SoCs. It was a pretty rough experience, C code causing Java exceptions :? but i realize thats unfair judgement compared to using eclipse for its native language.

anyways, i wasn't hired to do mission critical high performance stuff, just being a self proclaimed entry level noob techbro stack overflow copyimposter, helping 1 more experienced person to be an admin for internal services running on servers in a local server room, before cloud revolution, make/update dashboards and reports, migration scripts to consolidate/import duplicated wikis or bug trackers that existed from company merges or teams setting up their own infrastructure initially. Pretty boring but laid back, id prob still be there if theyd let me work remotely
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