concept: get on my lawn software.
a software design philosophy that believes good software ages like a fine wine. it shuns trends and salesmen disguised as programmers, shuns the fancy new framework. instead, gomls curates quality old software like a carefully tended forest. software that has stood the test of time, and, though it seems antiquated, it’s as robust as cast iron anvil.

1. SQLIte came out in august of 2000, which makes it 19 years old. it has the distinguished honour of being the only program in existence that uses filesystem APIs correctly.

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@zensaiyuki Is SQLite the one that has an enormous document accompanying it that goes into terrifying detail about how it maintains database consistency in the face of disk shutdowns?

@zensaiyuki That was the day I decided never to roll my own database.


@futzle @zensaiyuki SQLite's documentation has made me extremely confident that my SQLite databases are safe. I suppose it's done its job.

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