Hey did you know that it’s actually pretty easy to get a personal (prs.) or vendor (vnd.) Media Type?

Please stop using x-something. Please. Just register it.

@johnbessa It’s common to see media types (aka MIME types) of the form type/x-subtype. These types are usually unregistered, which causes... Problems. It’s actually relatively easy to register a media type. It’s the standards tree (no prefix) that’s difficult to get into, because you’ve got to be a standards body that IANA recognizes.

@alexbuzzbee OK, I always wondered what those things were! most had to do w localization but the USA being chauvinist, it never came up

@johnbessa Common media types (in the standards tree) include things like text/html, text/plain, application/xml, image/png, image/svg+xml, and so forth. They were developed for email (MIME) and they’ve become the standard way of describing “what kind of thing is this” on the Internet.

@johnbessa But somebody’s gotta keep track of what names and numbers and so on are in use.

@alexbuzzbee that is what I specialize in but in society as a whole - I got some pretty good stuff structures wrt to collaborative efforts through the local green party, but certain individuals opted to continue with the current quick elections and authoritarian internal control, mirroring the government we as supposed to fix

@alexbuzzbee all they had to do was change some numbers is their silly empiricism set-up, so I am independently going with direct democracy now

@johnbessa I’m not really sure what you’re talking about at this point.

@johnbessa What is what you specialize in? Maintaining registries?

@alexbuzzbee theorizing social constructs for political reform in Canada's poorest city

@johnbessa Direct democracy has trouble in a few places. For one, it is really bad at rapid response. For another, most people aren’t experts on law, so it can be unfortunately easy to convince them to vote for something they don’t understand. At least in representative democracy you can speak in terms of policy and objectives instead of asking people to read legalese and the vote on it.

@alexbuzzbee it has worked pretty well on the ground level by implementing social interaction in opposition of fear, say, to the hells angels and their political puppets - but attempting to structure the logic into some leading political body has proved impossible everywhere - the churches are on my side, but the effort really follows our last century of revolutions

@alexbuzzbee you hit the problem: unfortunately easy to convince them to vote for something they don’t understand

@alexbuzzbee I think the core issue that I am facing is that there is significant difference between COMMUNITY and SOCIETY - The Comm in Community is the same as Communism, or perhaps marxism - Society is purely social, people who get a long and work together based on common personal values, etc.

@alexbuzzbee Community, in my experience, is a great way for pedophiles to grab control - Society will nail them right to the wall, but cannot because... of Socrates'' and Plato's and Aristotle's formation of community synthesis through the civilization process that is common to both Corporate Capital and State Capital through didactic / dialectic education... compliance with positivist (fear as motivation) structures that are in no way social as they deliberately fail 80% of the population

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