A filesystem where each directory can have only one subdirectory.

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@alexbuzzbee i just got off my facebook feed and this is *still* the worst thing i can recall reading on social media all day

@alexbuzzbee better, *exactly* one subdirectory, like you have to have one. You get an infite chain of subdirectories.

@bugaevc @alexbuzzbee So, basically, a circular linked list with symbolic links?

@codesections @alexbuzzbee I was thinking allowing hardlinks to directories & doing a "real" circular linked list 🙃

@bugaevc @codesections @alexbuzzbee I’m pretty sure there are good reasons for the filesystem to be a DAG. 😁

@alexbuzzbee That was the implementation in MS-DOS v1, AIUI.

I have not read the (now MIT licensed) source to confirm this relic of information, though; I can’t say from direct experience. My first OS was MS-DOS 2.11.

@alexbuzzbee I totally misread the OP, and blame my embarrassing response on the fact that I had not yet had ☕️. 😀

Seriously somehow read it as “filesystem with only one directory.”

Remember, kids, toot only when awake! 🤦🏻‍♂️

@alexbuzzbee A 2D filesystem. There would always be two directions you could go. Like a timeline.

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