Yesterday I said that browsers should stop accepting malformed HTML, but people (rightfully) pointed out that for legacy reasons they can't do that.

Solution: Introduce a "strict-parsing" header (like the JS "use strict") which only allows properly formed HTML.

@njha This essentially already exists in the form of Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml

@alexbuzzbee Just played with a request editor- this doesn't seem to reject some (all???) types of malformed HTML.

Ex. Google uses it but they still had a bug which involved malformed HTML as user input.


@njha At least according to the specifications, XHTML is supposed to be parsed with a strict XML parser. It's possible that browsers don't always do that.

@alexbuzzbee Oof, looks like no one follows the spec then.

(Tested on Safari, Firefox, Chrome)

@njha There's a lot of stuff where that's the case, unfortunately.

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