I find there's two things which Object-Relational Mappers like Django's provides. One infrequently useful one is relatively constructing queries from user input.

The other is versioning of your database schema, allowing you to easily upgrade and downgrade your databases. Not all ORMs provide this, but handcoding that logic I miss it.

Also I hear many developers don't like SQL's syntax, but I think that's a mix of it being overpowered for them and them haven't really had tried it.

I actually find it kind of silly that with all the AI hype, modern "noSQL" databases tend to be dumber then what existed before.

There is after all significant overlap between my "AI" education and relational database query planners.

But I would be interested in knowing whether there's a tool focused on generating database migration scripts. I doubt I could use it now for Odysseus without breaking things, but I do wish I knew about such a tool.


@alcinnz "The query planner is an AI that tries to pick the fastest and most efficient algorithm for each SQL statement." - SQLite documentation, "Query Planning," sqlite.org/queryplanner.html

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