The most imbecilic Rust “serialization” method:

#[repr(C)] // Pointers, references, and types that use them indirectly are banned.

@alexbuzzbee ... doesn't work either, different machines may use different byte order or integer sizes

Sorry for ruining your toots :D

@bugaevc That is part of why it is imbecilic. It only works reliably for IPC.

(This toot had serious issues with a typo correction due to mobile client’s lack of good delete-and-redraft.)

@alexbuzzbee nor even for IPC, 'cause 32-bit and 64-bit processes can coexist. You need to also ban all not-fixed length int types, then it'll work.

@bugaevc No, we just ban 32-bit processes by removing the 32-bit dynamic linker.


@bugaevc And hope nobody statically links a 32-bit program.

@bugaevc If you can't tell, I'm intentionally coming up with bad solutions to these problems.

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