Can I just say file extensions are a terrible way to indicate content type. They're fragile, unreliable, inelegant, ugly, and there are already better replacements. On Linux, for instance, there's an extended attribute user.mime_type, which is a Media Type. In email and HTTP, there's Content-Type, which is also a Media Type.

Just use the appropriate metadata field and put a Media Type!

@alexbuzzbee @jalcine I think Apple screwed up big time by not opening up UTIs (, which unlike MIME types have more inheritance (so for example, a file can be HTML, which inherits from plain text, and any app that says it can edit plain text can automatically handle HTML as well)

@chucker @jalcine Yeah, I've considered trying to use UTIs, but Internet Media Types are just so well entrenched at this point, and they work pretty well.

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