Tiling window managers are basically just graphical tmux.

This symbol: "

It is for quotations, not for emphasis.

Why does this need explaining?

I'm trying to move my family from Apple Messages to , because 1) I may get a non-iPhone in the next year, so it'd be good to establish a non-Apple-linked line of communication in advance and 2) > Apple.

"You are very unlikely to encounter these limits in modern systems," I write, as I blithely ignore the computing industry's long history of encountering limits that should be unreachable.

If we could completely scrap and redesign our entire society from the ground up, rebuild all our institutions using the knowledge and technology we have today, we could build something so much better than what we have today.

But we can’t scrap and rebuild our whole society, because the current system has a lot of inertia. Somebody’s got to keep the lights on, and if you scrap everything, no one can.

Web developers, please stop using inscrutable paths like /content?id=545653ee-1713-4a3a-88ae-1b8c855648d7/#!/?mode=4

Also, please use the HTML semantic elements. It's not hard, and they make it so much easier to work with the document if you happen to not be a human with working eyes.

Floating point, except that it means the computer only works when floating in a pool.

I know about _Bool and the 0/1 clamping, but the jooooke.

C: I have a bool type
Me: Why can I set it to 6
C: *sweating*

More realistically, makes the compiler automatically apply fix-its.

Idea: Universal Rust attribute #[dwim] to make the item do what the programmer means, instead of what the syntax says.

May I just say: Emacs is so much better graphically than in a terminal. Being able to open up the menu and look for things, or click/drag window borders, or scroll, or select with the mouse makes it so much easier.

I can do it, but I get lost trying to use Emacs in a terminal.

My breakfast is toast with cheese, salt, pepper, and tabasco sauce.

I do not know exactly what our society is, but it is not a utopia.

The FOSS movement has made silent but important progress in the field of “small but useful tools and libraries.” The default thing to do with one is now apparently to release it under a permissive FOSS license. At one time it was to keep it for yourself, or maybe try to bundle it with a bunch of others for sale.

So switching from X to Wayland made opening Firefox from another app break and I had to copy and edit the Firefox desktop file and then change all the file/URI scheme associations. However, I like tinkering, so this is a plus for me.

Not relational, hierarchical. I decided that a single-master design with a movable master is more appropriate.

Accidentally designed a multi-master clustered database, then decided I didn't need it. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence

Written-out dates are fine; you can still say December 6th, 2018. That’s clear without a standard.

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