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I prefer both my hardware and my software to be user-serviceable.

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I would like to remind everyone that if I follow someone or boost their post, that does not mean I think they are a good person. It means I find their posts interesting, and that is it.

Politics (US-ish) 

It was a very bad idea to allow "anti-fascism" to be shortened to "antifa" because now the meaning is opaque which makes it much easier to strawman.

@abloo @alexbuzzbee I just want a right to mod one's device because come on I paid for this ****
The design of my old thinkpad is objectively better though.

More usb ports, a vga and hdmi port, sd card slot, cd drive, and designed to be user-serviceable
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changing the subject, apparently there is an even bigger mess

Just found this screenshot in my Nextcloud named "VirtualBox_MS-DOS_21_01_2019_18_12_55"

I have zero recollection of taking it. Or even having that VM.

Been a while since I've seen anyone recommend

or remind us it's there.

The NICE thing about them is that you can set them in USB Keyboard mode, where they just act as a regular input device. I can make QR codes of frequently used passwords and just scan them instead of typing them in. Boop!

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You program it by scanning particular barcodes off a programming sheet. That seems like a really bad decision, since now I'm going to carry one of the programming sheets in my pocket to scramble them by setting them in serial mode using japanese characters whenever I want to cause mayhem

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[Caption: Scientifically Accurate Pictures presents]

VO: In a world… [camera flies over ammonia clouds] …with a reducing atmosphere… [fade to black] …comes a tale of forbidden chemistry.

[Cut to hunky man in exosuit] He was from an oxygen-rich world. [Pan to a sultry green lump] She had no bilateral symmetry. They had potential—too much. [Zoom in on a voltmeter gauge which goes full scale. Fade to white.]

[The words REDUCTION and OXIDATION slide to reveal the title: R E D O X]


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but social norms are totally not legally binding.

Fun Fact: despite its extensive use of low-level concepts, it is absolutely possible to implement a FORTH using, for example, javascript objects as its native cell type

Fun Fact: if chuck moore knew what i am doing right now he would have an aneurysm

So it's looking like Linux will probably run well on the M1 Macs by the end of the year.

The Phineas and Ferb soundtrack is so fucking good
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