The computer hardware industry’s job is to make networks, disks, CPUs, and memory faster and bigger. The computer software industry’s job is to squander as much of that improvement as possible by making software as slow and massive as they can.

When you see members of a group doing or saying awful things, pause for a moment. Do not generalize. You may be looking at extremists of that group, or in fact people or (if you’ve seen it online) bots pretending to be members of that group to stir up conflict. The group at large may be very different.

Oh no

I ran startkde in a terminal under Sway, cause, you know, why not, and, um...

I think I know why not.

Unable to turn up any results on a few Web searches and couldn't find anything in the Sway docs about remapping axes (seems like that's the issue - my guess is the touchpad is sending vertical, horizontal, scroll and Sway is expecting scroll, vertical, horizontal).

So I've got this issue that I couldn't solve under X that seems better under Sway, and I'm giving fixing it another try.

My MacBook Pro 2011's trackpad is utterly screwed up. Moving my finger horizontally moves the cursor vertically, and moving it vertically scrolls (way too fast).

Not a hardware problem, since it doesn't happen under macOS, but clearly there's a misconfiguration somewhere, almost certainly due to me using an esoteric distro.

A live feed of your compiler error messages that anyone can subscribe to.

I think I know basically how to use Emacs' essentials.
Emacs: *five-space indents my code, opens six new windows and two new frames, buries the file I was working with under a pile of temporary buffers*
Me: Okay maybe not.

Me: I think I know basically how to use Vim's essentials.
Vim: -- VISUAL --
Me: *sweats* ESC ESC ESC

Reconnected it again, reliable A2DP. What the actual hell. Not gonna touch it for now. When it breaks again I'll troubleshoot.

I spoke too soon. Now it's reliable, but HSP. What.

Okay well I've hit an issue related to not using KDE anymore: My headphones get choppy audio now. I can get them to connect, but the sound cuts in and out randomly and constantly. Maybe a Bluetooth issue, maybe Pulseaudio, who knows? At least I'm getting A2DP and not HSP now.

I think I'm switching from KDE to Sway. After some examination I realized I don't really use most of the KDE features much.

@wmww said one time that one of the advantages of using a tiling WM is that no one else can figure out how to use your computer. In my case, even I can't figure out how to use my computer, which I guess is a good sign that other people won't be able to even once I figure it out.

I'd like to try out a tiling WM, but at the same time I really like KDE. What do?

The most imbecilic Rust “serialization” method:

#[repr(C)] // Pointers, references, and types that use them indirectly are banned.

You know a FOSS project has "made it" when it has two maintainers.

In other news, I am the sole maintainer of every project I have made significant contributions to.

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