This Week on Alex Goes to College: They can’t sell me the textbook. They don’t have it. I have to buy it from the publisher. Another textbook has no binding. I have to put it in a binder myself. And my computer science course requires me to cite sources in American Psychological Association format. My computer science course.

The Evil Demons emerge from the portal and...

The Empire's laser superweapon obliterates them. Everyone celebrates.

I'd like a story where the stereotypical Empire or Megacorporation turns out to legitimately be the good guys.

my phone autocorrected a sentence to "two shakes of a lambda's tail" and my excuse is the sheep is anonymous

This is a haiku
They are stupidly easy
It's still a haiku

The ability to take a Linux console game and run it on a Linux desktop would be a big advantage for gaming on FOSS platforms.

I'd like a proper Linux gaming console that uses normal libraries and APIs like SDL and Vulkan and POSIX instead of making some weird Linux-based hybrid platform.

I know Valve kinda did this, but SteamOS is tied to... Y'know... Steam.

Any time I realize that someone is mildly irritated at something I did

My brain: Bridge to all hands, action stations, action stations, we are under attack!

Me: shell
AutoCorrect: You meant she'll.
Me: But-
AutoCorrect: she'll

So if we needed for some reason to manufacture a very large amount of a synthetic element, how long would it take us to spin up the tech base to do it?

When you introduce someone to some new fiction

Me: What's your favorite character?
Them: Oh, [the one that dies]
Me: *trauma flashbacks* *engage poker face* Yeah they're cool.

all around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces

Website? nah
Web site? nah
WWW site? yeh that's the one

That . is actually part of the address, not the period in the sentence. . stands for the root DNS domain, like how / stands for the root filesystem directory.

Someone needs to convince IANA to set up a mailserver for the root domain, if only so we can have the email address *@.

> ed is the standard text editor

Are you sure?

$ ed
command not found: ed

One gram of antimatter, annihilating completely with one gram of normal matter, would release the energy equivalent of 43 kilotons of TNT, nearly three times the yield of Little Boy, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

We can make a few atoms at a time currently.

With the government shut down, no one is regulating eldritch horrors. Now is the perfect time to summon Cthulu!

Instead of calling your Congressional representatives, try faxing them.

Btrfs is really impressive. Just moved my root fs to a different partition, then grew that partition and resized fs, all online with no trouble.

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