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I prefer both my hardware and my software to be user-serviceable.

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I would like to remind everyone that if I follow someone or boost their post, that does not mean I think they are a good person. It means I find their posts interesting, and that is it.

Why is the compiler generating a load from constant address 0x24cfe?! The binary is mapped at 0x400000!

I just discovered the excellent Star Trek IN-takes: Clips from Star Trek (mostly TNG) with shots from the outtakes spliced over the aired shots. Examples include Worf walking into a door that closes too fast; Geordi dropping a PADD and everyone jumping; and of course, numerous incidents of forgotten or fumbled lines. The best part is that everything just carries on afterwards as if nothing happened.

Do you have Symptoms Disorder? Take this medication! And don't worry about the side effects - it's just sudden death.

I only today learned that the hectare is actually a sensible metric unit and not an imperial-system hold-over.

What do ActivityPub programs do if they see a Note with a summary but sensitive: false?

Welcome to new Microsoft Internet is work all with NetBIOS only. No routers Ethernet switches only.

A bot's fault, any CW @alexbuzzbee has ever used might apply 

@alexbuzzbee @​stevenroose@​ The library code runs before the deadline and Parliament still hasn’t been able to replace both and with something that makes me very uncomfortable.

What is the next number in this sequence?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ...

*opens OEIS*

One of my wireless earbuds died and I have no backup.



Yah somehow blocking green wavelength light (which is where the most energy is) reduces the random flucations in energh input to the leaf from the sun (caused by numerous factors including clouds and intermittent shade) .

This article claims that managing the damage caused by chaotic flucuations of light energy is the driving factor for the evolution of photosynthetic systems in organisms, not efficiency of power generation!

@alexbuzzbee just read a study about this, it's because green stabilizes the photosynthesis reaction by excluding the highest energy photos, allowing for more constant and tolerable conditions

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