How do you abbreviate the name of the United States of America?

Alternately, play along for a bit, then say, a little quieter and slightly away from the phone, "is the trace running?" and go back to playing along.

How to answer phone spam: "U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Telephone Fraud Investigation Division, how may I help you?"

Physics is making me say ridiculous things like "delta x is two point oh oh meter" and have it make sense.

Irritating gimmick pen with a glowy screamy cat head on top survived all my attempts to destroy it by disassembling it and short-circuiting or cross-wiring the various components.

So I asked our helpdesk system at work to run a report of average ticket close times.

It gave the answer in seconds.

I can't find any way to change units.


I've gotten my phone thinking North is West by waving a magnet around.

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PSA: Normal elevators are not airtight, and I can think of very few reasons for one to be, except maybe infectious disease research facilities. You cannot suffocate in one if it becomes stuck.

Fun fact: Windows uses UTF-8 for copy-pasted HTML.

Programmers: Why can’t you just be normal‽
Windows: *UTF-16 shrieking*

Witnessed a site not too long ago that attempted to use <object> to embed an HTML document.

Burn it all, it's clearly too far gone.

Has anyone actually managed to do a good implementation of component-oriented architecture? Pretty much every big player has tried and all of them have some horrible problem.

Intellectually, I already know all the locks are garbage, but I haven’t "proved" it to myself yet even though I’ve seen plenty of people open plenty of locks way too easily.

Kinda wanna learn lockpicking just to make myself super paranoid.

Why the hell would I want to use my headphones to trigger a redial with no confirmation???

Getting corrected about pronouns is like taking a page fault: It’s probably okay if it happens the first time, but you need to fix the problem before you try again.

science levels are holding at 77%

(77%) ■■■■■■■□□□

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