My top apps on my phone are the following:
Aurora Store
Open Camera
Scrambled Exif
Tor Browser

These are my general go to apps.

Away with containers, away with virtual machines,
Design well your application, and from these you shall be freed.

I was using and found it a bit overkill for my development workflow.
Yesterday I've installed for Fedora and I have to say that is an incredible much simpler alternative.

I still love , but only using it for SSH connections 😜

Hope there was a instance for FOSS and/or Devs.
I'm creating an account and the only instances available for signup are general topic ones.

First day of .
I have to say that changing my development flow is not as easy as I thougth.
Hope in a few days I have already get used to it. :blobthinkingeyes:

I was refactoring and adding tests to my code today and now I'm sure that from now on I will do TDD.

Doing a summary of the interesting things I saw at . Probably will publish it somewhere 😏

Yesterday I developed some little scripts to automate my notes workflow on the terminal and I think it can be integrated with major notes systems like Evernote or Notion. Favorite if you think it will be interesting to make it .

Today at MozFest I atended a workshop on dat project and it seems interesting, I will explore it deeper.


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