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Pandemics, global warming, ecological breakdowns, nuclear wars... they are all scary indeed, don't get me wrong.

I just say that the fact there's a very good chance Donald Trump is going to be re-elected as president of the USA beats them all in my top-10 dreadful list.

Not because of him being president, actually he's great entertainment, it's "the Americans" that scare the shit out of me.

I can't remember the last time I was so much in anticipation for a movie release. Actually I'm pretty sure I've never been. I just hope doomsday is scheduled after Villeneuve's Dune release date

ITA: la mia videorisposta a tutti quelli che si preoccupano per me

ENG: I made a video to answer all your concerns

I love the profound conciseness of the dealmaker manifesto:

"Reality is negotiable"

Edward Snowden on the effects of government's current anti-covid19 mesures on civil liberties

As a long time Frank Herbert's Dune fanboy I truly enjoyed the latest episode from The Dork Web

New blog post:

For my reading habits in the recent years I've been using service to send Pocket articles to my Kindle. I decided to fix some of p2k shortcomings replacing it with an event-driven serverless application built with AWS Lambda, Fargate and CDK

I finally got annoyed but shortcomings and giving a go to Puppetlabs's .

So far so good, I'm curious to see if I'll stick with it.

PlayStation3 + RaspberryPi + Serviio = 🥰

Let's see if I can put those times to good use and finally crack this famous "Data Structures and Algorithms in Python"

On Irrational Numbers and Deep Thinking

"The mind, when properly cultivated, really does contain multitudes."

I know how it might sound but the quality and relevancy of DuckDuckGo searches is increasingly beating Google's, at least for my use cases

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