New blog post:

In the previous article I introduced AWS Cloud Developer Kit and wondered if and how to make use of code abstractions when designing IaC. Today I show you one way to extend the previous codebase and deploy a typical event driven (pub-sub) serverless application built with Lambda and SNS.

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My previous toot came from APIs submission, all good 👍

Soon I'll wrap up how it works in a blog post

New blog post:

After successfully replacing Terraform with CDK in a real life project I take the chance to wrap up the new knowledge along with some Terraform vs. CDK kind of considerations. I also synthesize the acquired know-how in a mini tutorial based on the actual code used in the production scenario.

Thanks a ton to Aaron Parecki for this:

that might have had "Oauth for humans" as subtitle

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my apologies, I didn't mean to imply it was by purpose, I just contacted you because mentioned as support people for @fosstodon

I'm trying to automate/centralize the update of multiple social accounts via APIs, currently making my way through the bits and pieces and not proficient with the whole thing yet, my bad.

Soon I'll blog about my findings, stay tuned. And thanks for the support 👍

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How about the #2 point? any chances to have API access enabled?

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hello folks, a couple of quick things:

1. some links in this toot are broken:
Maybe you also want to add the updated ones in the account description?

2. is it possible to interact to Fosstodon via APIs? like shown here:


@orbjet not strictly Open Source related but they have great content and they frequently talk about OS projects too, for example the last episode I listened was about Rust:

A few months old but it made my day nevertheless:

"Browser Functions: A new serverless platform using Web Browser execution engines"

New blog post: "Remaking my curriculum vitæ with modern web technologies"

For a while I wanted to manage my CV in a more flexible way. I stumbled upon a great article on CSS-Tricks that made me think I had no more excuses to procrastinate. In this article I present my solution along with some considerations.

It's been a while I didn't add anything new on the blog, time to catch up:

"A wrap up of my last 20 years as a professional in IT, along with some considerations about the current state of the art."

More to come...

Anyone into the tv show? I just saw the first episode and it looks pretty solid

@kev beside podcast mobile app, mainly through Feedly RSS reader, which I keep updated adding/removing feeds based on current interests.

Then, either I read the items directly in app or I send the interesting links to Pocket mobile app (or use the browser extension if I'm at my laptop).

Finally, I use service to have a digest of unread Pocket articles delivered to my Kindle Oasis.

I've been using this setup for long now and I'm quite satisfied with it.

@daremo I'm not a US citizen so I can't say much about the "enabler culture", even though sounds like an interesting topic.

I don't know much about the history of drugs (consumption) either, for sure that's another interesting topic, it's so intertwined with politics/social dynamics/etc that I bet it's basically impossible to say exactly why and how alcohol became the accepted (psychoactive) drug in Western societies.

Honestly though I don't know anyone who actually believes alcohol is healthy

@randynose actually it's something that amuses me because most of the time they don't even realize they are doing marketing work for free.

That said, on the verge of turning 40 I can say I became pretty good in redirecting to /dev/null almost all the directives on what I should or should not do with my life 😎

Probably the most notable change after you quit drinking is how fervently the alcohol supporters try to change your mind about it.

@Gina Currently I'm spending living from savings cause, well, I don't feel like working when I don't need to.

Meanwhile I'm developing a web app targeted to the local market which I hope will let me retire for good at some point 😎 (might be wishful thinking but it's also fun to code, so fuck it)

When I'm dangerously close to poverty I apply for some remote jobs on one of the main platforms (Upwork, Toptal, etc) or, gods help me, go for the last resort and unleash some recruiter on LinkedIn

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