Sweet, just now that I was going to start my evening sunbath session

"Tons of iOS apps are crashing right now due to an issue with Facebook"


95% of the new blog layout is done, that last 5% though could take forever.

First finish the blog or the new article on and I'm writing?

Decisions, decisions...

Time goes by but Harmonica (Once Upon a Time in the West by Sergio Leone) remains my favorite badass hero ever


Finally started to work on the new version of my personal blog/main website.

- Hugo static site generator
- HTML5/CSS3 for markup and layout
- Markdown for all the content
- vanilla JS for some prebuild API interaction and responsive layout handling
- Netlify for hosting + CI/CD + CDN

So far so (very) good. is really powerful, learning curve is a bit steep (and Go templates syntax is ackward) but it really helps a lot in keeping the codebase DRY.

A bit old video but still relevant.

Sonic-Pi is one of the most inspiring Open Source projects ever and I believe it deserves more visibility.

It's also a lot of fun 🎉


New blog post:

I developed a simple JS audio player for a recording studio website and put it on GitHub. In this article I share my thoughts and findings.


New blog post:

Google's Lighthouse is a powerful free resource that helps developers build performant, accessible and SEO friendly websites. Here I show one way to make use of Lighthouse to add performance monitoring for web pages using Serverless components on AWS.


Best essay on remote work I've read so far. Cal Newport never disappoints.

"Why Remote Work Is So Hard—and How It Can Be Fixed"


This morning I woke up before dawn and went for a walk; the clouds, the post-apocalyptic lights and the absence of human life put me in the right mood to work on a "video clip" idea I had.

I borrowed Territory by The Blaze, which I think is the perfect soundtrack to tell a short story.

I love this song and I had a story to tell, so here we go, this is my personal interpretation of the meaning of "territory".

It also means you're going to meet my local friends.


New blog post:

The technological side of Email has always occupied a bittersweet corner in my nerdy heart. In this article I dive a bit in the history of SMTP and share a simple but effective solution that I currently use to rationalise system and users' email delivery for a few of the Linux systems I manage.


All this talking of viruses has injected in me an intense urge to read that book once more:

“This Snow Crash thing--is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?”

Juanita shrugs. “What's the difference?”

New blog post:

In a previous article I described how to develop a serverless event-driven application to automate social media updates. Now I show how to make use of RSS/Atom Feed and AWS Lambda + CDK to add the missing bit and make it 100% automated.


Getting mind and ears blown away by San Aaron playing Sonic Pi LIVE for GitHub Satellite Play track


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