How do you make your users read the README before asking you solutions already proposed in the README?

@alex There are in my experience so far two possiblities a) by rephrasing the readme so that it makes sense to a newbie and they actually see the solution b) there is no second possiblity - if people don't read basic stuff, you cannot make them


@tomterl yeah, it's a cultural thing I guess, to go straight to click/type/build instead of making the effort of actually reading the instructions first. Or a human flaw. Or even an evolutionary feature that favoured esploration over reflection? whatever it is, I think you're right, not that much to do about it, beside ranting on the Internet of course 😂

@alex @tomterl In my experience, you can't win this battle.

There was one time I shamed someone and yelled (all caps in work chat) to ask if he knew how to read. He responded that he legitimately did not read it even though he had the page open. It became awkward and I tried to apologize and he said I didn't need to because it was his fault. He'll surely remember that... but was that a win? Or am I the guy that's too risky to talk to?

@greypilgrim @tomterl simple answer: if you lost your calm, you lost that battle

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