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hello folks, a couple of quick things:

1. some links in this toot are broken:
Maybe you also want to add the updated ones in the account description?

2. is it possible to interact to Fosstodon via APIs? like shown here:


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I just looked and get a 404 on "the team" and "five things...".

@rudolf Yes, it's an old toot and the URLs have changed since it was posted.

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How about the #2 point? any chances to have API access enabled?

@alex Just for the record, @kev and I haven't disabled any end user Mastodon features that we're aware of. If it's a feature, it should be enabled. If it's not, that's a mistake and not an intentional action. Kev and I don't have any reason to prevent you from accessing Fosstodon in any manner you choose. We're not selling you anything (you know, other than stickers), so if you want to use the API or the web or RSS or whatever, it's all the same to us.

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my apologies, I didn't mean to imply it was by purpose, I just contacted you because mentioned as support people for @fosstodon

I'm trying to automate/centralize the update of multiple social accounts via APIs, currently making my way through the bits and pieces and not proficient with the whole thing yet, my bad.

Soon I'll blog about my findings, stay tuned. And thanks for the support 👍

@alex No worries, I just wanted to clarify. People have been dealing with social networks where they're the product for so long, it's sometimes assumed that there are going to be artificial limitations. We just want you to know that if you see something that SHOULD work and doesn't, that's probably an oopsie on our part and not some intentional barrier.

Looking forward to reading the post!

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That is why I suggested looking at fedilab. If fedilab can do someting on fosstodon, the api probably works.

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My previous toot came from APIs submission, all good 👍

Soon I'll wrap up how it works in a blog post

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