What truly scares me about the future is not global warming nor AI apocalypses nor nuclear fallout winters or such.

It's being surrounded only by people hypnotized by their smartphone all day long, especially while in places one is supposed to interact with others in real life (i.e. nightclubs or such).

Oh, wait a second... that's already happening, isn't it?

@alex honestly, while that's certainly a concern, I'm still more concerned about climate change... cause you know... if the earth becomes inhospitable and we can't live on it anymore, cell phone addiction will be the least of our problems XD

@gaurdianaq on a long enough timeline our bodies will be inhospitable anyway, so I don't mind too much the way I'll have to go as far as the end is not too painful.

To be clear, I'm not a "western model of progress" advocate, quite the opposite, and not completely convinced that nature wiping out human race for good is such a bad thing anyway.

That said, living in a progressively zombiefied society before hitting the ground scares me way more than almost any other future apocalyptic scenario

@alex I'm not thinking of the way that you or I will be going out, I'm thinking of future generations of humanity, we can bounce back from the age of smart phone zombies, can't bounce back from a global apocalypse nearly as easily

@gaurdianaq how can you be sure we can bounce back?

Climate change is nothing new for planet Earth, what's new is the speed it's changing.

Smartphone addiction is definitely a recent phenomenon, it is so pervasive and changed our lives in such a profound way that we hadn't had the time yet to figure out what's actually happening.

There are apocalypses and apocalypses by the way, some might wipe out life completely (mid sized meteorite) some might spare humans (not all of us, but still...)

@alex changing climates might not be new for the earth, and no matter what the earth itself will survive, no guarantee we will though

And I don't think smartphone addiction is going to overwrite basic survival instincts, people aren't going to starve themselves over their smart phone and society isn't going to shut down because of it, if it did people would wake up when they realized their phones no longer worked because no one was maintaining the network.

@alex that's not to say that smartphone addiction isn't a problem, and that it could lead to changes in society for the worse, but I can't imagine a scenario where smart phone addiction wipes us off the face of the earth, unless they become self aware and we get a skynet type scenario

@gaurdianaq we mostly see it in the same way, we diverge on one point though:
- my nightmares are mostly about the present, what I already see happening around me every single day
- your nightmares are mostly about what might happen in a few years from now

Nobody truly knows how the future will look like, everybody can stare at the present with open eyes and see if for what it really is

@alex @tootbrute when I’m out in public minding my own business people sometimes seem creeped out by the fact that I’m not on my phone (the few that look up from their screen for a second)

@ewok @tootbrute

I can relate to that. The new normal is being fully absorbed by looking at some digital device without "empty" moments.

Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Cal Newport work, haven't read yet the latest published but I loved "Deep work" and I follow the blog, he's an expert on the topic of productivity and such and has some strong ideas about social media and such:

@ewok @alex biggest power move is sitting on a bench and looking up at the world without a phone

@tootbrute @ewok
I agree, but it's not a new thing, it's called Buddhism

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