It's always a good moment for the latest Cercle's awesomeness

How do you make your users read the README before asking you solutions already proposed in the README?

Thank you Cercle for making the lockdown a little less awful

A senior dev just told me two CLI commands in a row make up for "quite some shell magic".

Nothing more relative than magic, I suppose.

If I'd have to pin down exactly when my love for electronic music got started, I believe it goes back to the early '80s, that first time Oxygene CD sneaked into our home player.

A musical point of no return.

I've got back some nice craving for good ol' classic SciFi.

This by Heinlein should do just fine:

AWS MultiFactorAuth recovery policy makes me feel like Sam Lowry in Brazil

...and the bomb exploded soon after 💥

Well, lesson learnt I guess: life is too short for DIY modern smartphone battery replacement

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I've just replaced my iPhone7 battery and I feel like if I defused a bomb 💣

"It could be argued that China’s dominance of the rare earth market is less about geology and far more about the country’s willingness to take an environmental hit that other nations shy away from."

New blog post:

Vue 3 is going to be released soon and I wanted to see how easy it is to create the simples possible useful application with it. It turns out it's pretty easy with vue-cli and serverless tools! Here I share my findings.

"And that girl with no name, over there in Braavos."

Oh boy, only the gods know how much I'm looking forward news about that "no one" over there.

New blog post:

I love how Serverless enables simple solutions to common DevOps tasks: in this article I describe one simple way to automate MongoDB database backups using AWS Fargate, S3, and CDK.

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