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For my reading habits in the recent years I've been using service to send Pocket articles to my Kindle. I decided to fix some of p2k shortcomings replacing it with an event-driven serverless application built with AWS Lambda, Fargate and CDK

I finally got annoyed but shortcomings and giving a go to Puppetlabs's .

So far so good, I'm curious to see if I'll stick with it.

PlayStation3 + RaspberryPi + Serviio = 🥰

Let's see if I can put those times to good use and finally crack this famous "Data Structures and Algorithms in Python"

On Irrational Numbers and Deep Thinking

"The mind, when properly cultivated, really does contain multitudes."

I know how it might sound but the quality and relevancy of DuckDuckGo searches is increasingly beating Google's, at least for my use cases

I totally loved this documentary and I think I would have even if I was not already a Vue.js fanboy.

People like Evan You are truly inspirational in many ways, maybe the most amazing one is how they manage to keep humble and focused on their goals even after their popularity has taken off.

If you're interested in Firecracker I could also recommend Ignite which seems to be the easiest way to get started:

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Nice write up on Firecracker, the OpenSource software AWS uses to run Lambda:

These kind of open projects should also partially mitigate the fear of vendor lock-in with

My personal 2nd in the "Crappiest Apple software" list is iOS Maps.

Beside the poor source data quality that we're all used too since the early days, the UX is broken, e.g. I can't find any "Directions" button for my "Favourite places"

The gap with other popular alternatives is truly embarrassing.

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This looks pretty neat, thinking of making use of those when I'll revamp the blog layout (hopefully soon)

I wonder if when recruiters ask "how much time per day you spend coding?" what they truly mean is the actual time spent *pressing keys* on the keyboard while in front of an IDE

New blog post:

Moving from a previous CDK article I expand the publish-to-social code base to add a nice report functionality. In this article I show you how easy it is to introduce Lambda Destinations in your CDK project and make use of them for this particular use case. For the frontend part I use Svelte web framework to present the Lambda report JSON output as web page content.

I've been a happy desktop Firefox user since ages (and recently with the iOS version too). This is yet one more reason to be:

New blog post:

With CDK is easy to organize AWS resources and share them between Stacks when needed. In this article I show you how I split an `api` Lambda in two, one for handling the API Gateway requests and the other for sending messages to an external notifications service.

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