Cercle's YouTube channel is a pot of gold

N'to live @ Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris


A few minutes ago four individuals, fully dressed in black, face covered, swiftly occupied the apartment next to mine.
Two of them appeared to be adult and two juvenile.
A reminder of my indecision about which kind of outfit is the most intimidating between:
- burka
- SWAT team
- SS official
- Pennywise the clown
- Boba Fett / Mandalorian

Kind of surprising to realize that for most of sedentary people (i.e. most of the World population) leading a nomadic kind of lifestyle basically means living in vacation mode all year long.

New blog post:

A few days ago I forgot to renew one of my registered Internet domains which I believed was set to auto-renew and received a few alerts when affected services started to fail. I hence took the chance to setup a simple and free monitoring solution to avoid incurring again in this same problem once and for all. Powered by AWS CDK, Python and WhoisXML


Sweet, just now that I was going to start my evening sunbath session

"Tons of iOS apps are crashing right now due to an issue with Facebook"


95% of the new blog layout is done, that last 5% though could take forever.

First finish the blog or the new article on and I'm writing?

Decisions, decisions...

Time goes by but Harmonica (Once Upon a Time in the West by Sergio Leone) remains my favorite badass hero ever


Finally started to work on the new version of my personal blog/main website.

- Hugo static site generator
- HTML5/CSS3 for markup and layout
- Markdown for all the content
- vanilla JS for some prebuild API interaction and responsive layout handling
- Netlify for hosting + CI/CD + CDN

So far so (very) good. is really powerful, learning curve is a bit steep (and Go templates syntax is ackward) but it really helps a lot in keeping the codebase DRY.

A bit old video but still relevant.

Sonic-Pi is one of the most inspiring Open Source projects ever and I believe it deserves more visibility.

It's also a lot of fun 🎉


New blog post:

I developed a simple JS audio player for a recording studio website and put it on GitHub. In this article I share my thoughts and findings.


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