Very happy about 11ty usability so far, especially compared to Hugo: the whole templating approach is way more intuitive. Besides, being able to easily drop into JS for anything that's not supported is just right for me.
And goodbye ugly Go template syntax too.
To clone my Linktree page took way less than expected:

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Tried to build my Hugo website after ~1yr and it's depressing to notice how it breaks in so many different ways... not sure it's worth investing in fixing it or learning something new like 11ty

New blog post:

Terraform is a great tool but managing AWS Lambda is arguably not one of its strength. In this post I'll describe one approach that I follow to work around this limitation.

Weekend nerdy deep dive

"HashiCode Ep. 1: Terraform Remote State Backend Locking"

It's always a good moment for the latest Cercle's awesomeness

How do you make your users read the README before asking you solutions already proposed in the README?

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