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How the local #Hacklab #PicaPica in #Oviedo convinced the #Parliament of #Asturias to be the first Parliament to sign our #OpenLetter demanding "Public Money? #PublicCode!":

An interview with Iyán Méndez Veiga

For some reason, KDE Neon now won't allow me to do `apt upgrade` and forces you to `pkcon update`...

I know it's just a wrapper around APT but old habits die hard... 😥

Going to next week for work. If anyone is up for beers or whatever just PM me! 🍻

Hm, so apparently Firefox has spyware on it? 😐 I guess it's time to switch to Pale Moon or IceCat...

So I'm about to spin my own instance of , as I'm in need of a service to stream my music library and create playlists.

I'll be uploading my private collection, which contains music for which I've paid though I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be allowed to share it in the .

Would you then make this instance private? But then, doesn't it defeat the purpose of being federated? 💔

Does anybody know of a FOSS pinyin keyboard for Android? I'm struggling to find one... 😐

21st century rant 

So I had this very weird dream where I had a toilet paper printer that printed a given open source project commit history on it 😵

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If you ever start a simulation of a universe capable of supporting life, you are morally obligated to let it run to completion.

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After 30ish years since I was the daydreaming kid staring out the window during class... I'm still doing it.

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Report finds US sanctions on Venezuela are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. This year will be much worse, authors say, if sanctions continue.

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Just went back to Reddit for a moment. It's a lot easier to recognize the toxicity once you get used to communities that like @fosstodon on and surely many others.

I know these are not 1:1 comparable, but I hope and @prismo will get stable soon enough.

I have to ask: will toxicity seep into Mastodon once it reaches a certain mass of users?

Question feels rhetorical. Communities are fragile... Cherish what we have and act to preserve that

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Finally, some well deserved rest 😌 Going to be on holidays for a week in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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i love when people share their passionate love for stuff even if i have no interest in it. i always learn something and it gives me an appreciation for it, seeing beauty where i wouldn’t have otherwise. rock on everybody. :flow:

I've used it with success in the past for language learning. However, seeing Anki can be used for pretty much anything is mind blowing 🤯

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After reading this, I think I need to start incorporating Anki into my daily life 🤓 Are there any hardcore Anki users here?

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