Is anybody attending next month in Brno? Would be a good place to meet up IRL with fellow Fosstodon members :fosstodon:

Does anybody know of any open source project that uses Kubernetes and containers to manage their infrastructure and that could use an extra hand? πŸ‹

I already use Kubernetes and Helm at work but would like to be exposed to more stacks πŸ™‚

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We like to talk about the seedy underbelly of the internet being dark net sales of cheap meth and fake assassination sites, but the real seedy behavior is by large companies that prey on the lives of our children, creating shadow profiles for even the youngest of them. Everything from their apps to photos posted with parental love, data mined by AI for sinister ends -- How to trap our children in the unyielding web of dopamine slavery, clicking links in a proverbial field of advertising.

Or maybe it's just me.

What SoC board would you suggest to run a home Kubernetes cluster? I was thinking on getting 8x RPi 3B+, but I'm not sure if there are better options out there for the same price? :raspberrypi:

How difficult would it be to create a 100% digital state? Like, an overlay on top of our already existing countries. Does that even make sense? πŸ€”

Alejandro boosted has some really neat enclosures for different SBCs. Check out these cool ones for the AIY Voice Kit and Raspberry Pi. They have this badass cluster thing too that you can mount up to 7 different SBCs on/in!

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Can anyone recommend a instance that would be appropriate for posting developer focused videos? I’m thinking conference / meetup sessions, tutorials, etc.

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I've been listening to three programming-language podcasts lately.

The one ends with the host personally thanking all of his patreon supporters.

The one ends with the hosts thanking their corporate employer for continuing to sponsor the show.

The one ends with a "shameless plugs" segment where the hosts try to sell you their latest for-profit JS courses.

Obviously it'd be absurd to judge entire language ecosystems with a sample size of 1 each, but …

Is anybody here based in Tokyo? I'm going next week for the 1st time! Message me if you want to grab a beer or something πŸ»πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Is anybody here using DNS over HTTPS on a daily basis? πŸ€”

Do any of you use seccomp security profiles to limit syscall usage by containers? πŸ‹

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"utopianism is vital now: we must imagine better if we are to manifest it."
- @garbados

(repeating because i couldn't underline it, like, five times in the boost.)

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Did you know that vim's `:w` command can pipe the saved buffer directly to a shell command? I didn't: in the past, I'd done things like `:w` and then `:! wc -w %` to count the words in a file. But I could do the same thing with `:w !wc -w`! Even better, `:w` can operate on a text object, so a command like `vip:w !wc -w` will count the words in the current paragraph!

(And if, like me, you use vim for tooting, `:w !wc -c` gives you the chars in the current toot.)

I just built a standing desk for work! Here we go! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

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As a Linux user of nearly 24 years, I'm not sure how I feel about this. - IBM to acquire Red Hat in deal valued at $34 billion -

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"Typing is no substitute for thinking"

-- Dartmouth BASIC Manual, 1964

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