All I am using is pulseaudio and the builtin bluetoothctl package. I know it's not my headphones because it works for my android phone just fine. I have no way of knowing if it's my bluetooth driver or my audio driver (or anything else) cause everything I have is either USB-C or wireless. I am waiting for a wired headset from amazon to try out.

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What I have tried is changing the timing functionality in my pa settings so that tsched=1 and tsched=0 for the bluetooth audio module section. Another thing I have tried is in the daemon settings to uncomment the frequency settings and set them to something reasonable (like 48kHz or 48.1 kHz). At first it kinda worked but then it happened. Now it happens less often. It is manageable for the most part

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So my audio (Arch linux) through bluetooth headphones has been real sus lately. Not sure why but it skips with no certain nor predictability (me sound smarticle particle) but what I´m not sure about is why it skips and distorts at all. Almost a year ago, it was fine. I think maybe an update (system, driver, alsa, etc) screwed something up. I am also wondering if it has to do with my antannae (I have a wifi/bluetooth card with them). I have tried everything. I ordered a wireless headset to try.

Tmw you're experimenting with keyboard input libraries and accidentally soft lock your entire computer

NGL learning Esperanto is fun. Mi ankaŭ faras kinda sounds like "me ankle fat ass" lmao or is it just me

I love how when some animals/pets are held by humans they just sit there like "yep this is me now"

Simon Cowell vs Gordon Ramsey: who wins in an insult competition

Me: has 10+ years programming self taught and knows 6+ languages, several libraries and tools, Linux experience, and knows many algorithms and programming techniques

Indeed job posting: you need at least 20 years working with this brand new language and tool set, a master's degree, and your mom's phone number

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, not sure, but i think polar express is one of the greatest animated movies I've ever seen

Why is karma even a teku. She doesn't seem like one. She kinda acts on her own and kinda gets irritated by the others. Is it cause she wanted to stay away from taro?

I legit feel like i had a c section and i gave birth to a colon lmaooo

Been a while since I've checked into the computer world. Had to get life changing surgery and haven't been able to check up with Linux and programming in several months. Anything new?

...or something like that. Or maybe one can come out and just walk around for 20 seconds and just stomp on enemy pieces. I think that'd make things interesting with the pvp. Also upgrading pieces like towers or offensive pawns would require mana or something. Also I think some pieces should require special items to work. Like a wizard piece should require a rune to use it's power. So a water rune to do water magic. I think that's all I've got thought out. Thoughts?

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...and i also want mana to be collected. Defense collects mana when you destroy offense pawns, offense collects when they attack/destroy defense towers or they reach the end of the path. As you collect mana, if your map has a portal, you can activate it and select a giant/legend/monster from the underworld or something that you have purchased from the store. It'll attack differently either long range with arrows, lightning, meteors, etc, or close range with fire, water, swords, hammers...-->

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I'm not a big gamer or anything but i really want a modern MMO style tower defense. You know like i could play defense and a friend plays offense. And i can go into the main store with points or something and buy towers or pawns/minions/whatever offense characters will be called and you save up in game points during a match to use one during a game. And offense will make the waves of pawns instead of it being prefabs or AI, i mean we can have AI too... continued

Just for the record I'm staying in my parents' remodeled basement I'm not staying in a hospital or anything.

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Man being sick for this long makes it hard to do any programming. Really wanna try opengl game development but where I'm staying at for the next 6 months or so can't fit my desk. So i might have to invest in a laptop when i get on disability. Hopefully i can get back to programming. One step at a time.

I love breakfast sandwiches. I love making them too. Saving these for later. Just English muffin, sausage, and scrambled egg. Will make some with real cheddar cheese later. Maybe sometime I'll use bacon.

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