@fribbledom oh no it’s terrible, a PR nightmare for Facebook, i don’t think they’ll recover this time, I’m sure the company leaders are red with shame, public authorities will want an enquiry and there will be consequences /s

So simply put, the new don't support windows. No floating windows, no tiling windows, just 2 apps sharing the screen sometimes, but no real windows. 🤔 Maybe instead of renaming everything to contain as much Xs (XboX series X, DirectX, Windows 10X), they should concentrate on naming their basic system correctly.

:microsoft: 🥚🥚🥚🐣🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

So it seems it is Signal vs Telegram today. A few years back it was WhatsApp vs Viber. Lets see who prevails.

It's amazing the difference that simply changing the port that SSH is listening on can make. I have seen a massive drop in the logged brute force attempts and Fail2Ban alerts.

Script Kiddies = Noise

Henlo fediblobs

I would like to gather your opinions on ZeroNet, I2P, IPFS, and GNUNet.

Boosts welcome!
Best wishes for the new year everyone! 🙂

And to start 2021 the right way... I've deployed a beta version of my little #ActivityPub side project to permit following #Twitter users on the #Fediverse very easily (you just have to search for the user on the instance).
Before I go fully public with it, I'll need some beta testers so that I can monitor the hardware usage of my stuff, maybe run into early bugs, and maybe even run into some security issues that will end by burning the web to the ground (maybe).

If you're interested to be that kind of fearless users, being la crème de la crème of beta testers, please contact me via this status or via DM, I'll give you access to it. 😉

What would get people here at Fosstodon (and Mastodom as a whole) interested in ?

Its a mmo in the making where you get to see life in a Moon colony.


@Mac_CZ @fribbledom @antifuchs I don't remember who said this (some game reviewer?): Games need an "adult mode" that you can select when you start a game that basically goes "here's a recap of the story so far, your current quest, and relevant NPCs. Do you want a quick walkthrough of the controls?"

Unfriendly reminder that western countries have been built on land theft, colonisation, genocide and slavery, which created generational wealth gaps that are only getting worse and that the only looters are billionaires and politicians, have a good day.


Basicaly there are 3 types of people. Those who feel lonely, no matter whether alone or in a group of other people; those who pretend they are happy, because everyone is supposed to be happy, amirite? And those who really are merry and jolly even tho there are people suffering all around them. Step down to the underworld of your own mind and see which one of these suits you the most. Don't be afraid to be honest with your own self.

Can you guys just stop yelling Merry Christmas to the public internet for some reason?

1. It will not make it merry. On the contrary. It's the most depresing time for the society when the most people commit suicide.
2. Jesus, if he ever existed, was deffinitely not born during the winter solstice.
3. Santa Claus is not a festivity dude, but an abomination related to St. Nicholas, who has nothing to do with Christmas.

@Qwant Whenever I try to search for anything on Qwant I get the "not available in your country" message. What's happening? It's Czechia, not Mars or Narnia.

Today we have three major record labels, the meanest, most voracious gobblers-up of the competition, companies that clawed their way to global dominance through absolute ruthlessness, particularly to the musicians who did the work that brought in the money.

For example: the Beatles earned $0.01/record.

Split four ways.


Well hey, I just got here. In an effort to break the ice with total strangers (will this even show up on the local feed?)... I have an offering. I have limited artistic ability, but I managed to tie-dye some material earlier this year.

I will make you a face mask out of it. And finally learn to sew.

Just tell me a story that fits in a toot. Any story. You don't have to be my fediverse friend. But that would be niccccce too. I'll ship it to you.

My new , Jelly 2 by . Really tiny and snappy, came with 2 screen protectors and a cover and has an extra programmable button. It was really easy to root thanks to an adventurer on their forum. The 2Ah battery easily lasts 2-3 days.

PS: Don't mind the swarm of icons on my launcher, I'm an app junkie.

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