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while true ; do
eval $command
sleep 2

@icyphox I can relate, in a way; I also have 3 years of programming and every co-worker seem to know how "stuff" works from the day they were born, and sometimes I feel incompetent, some other times I just ask

@kev nice, the data breach reports and reusing password warnings come in handy, but I found that `pass` is enough for me, at least for now

@basil nice, I'm not big fan of foam, I think is a "cosmetic" thing

@ggarron thanks! just saw this today, hope to clearing out my doubts

@ggarron if you're taking suggestions, I read your last two posts about hosting your blog, and was interested in the cloud providers you choose. Why you chose those, instead of AWS or digital ocean? Have you though about getting the bare metal yourself?

@ggarron I used the same shoes for running for over 2 years, one day I decided to invest in some brand new ones; next week, the quarantine began...

@sir nice, been drinking yerba mate all my life, first time I hear about a mate-soda


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