@hund lol yeah I guess... I'm more used to a minimal interaction, like clicking a button and incrementing a likes counter. I just have to get used to this

How can I let people that I follow that I like what they post or share? I feel like the favourite button is more of a toot bookmark.

@alejandrobdn That's great. Recently I discover that newsboat comes with `podboat` for podcasts. You can follow podcasts with newsboat and enqueue them to be downloaded by podboat.

@AzureAlmond beware, there's no going back. Once you get familiar with it, you'll try to scroll everywhere with j/k or send :wq to a chat to close it...

or is it just me?

@melyanna I'm not a perfectionist but I manage to dissapoint myself sometimes, what helps me is to know my way forward, and to make steps (big or small) into where I think is the right direction...

hope that helps...

@amolith closing the laptop lid just when the alarm goes off

@ggarron it probably doesn't help, but it does help on thinking the name for thigs, e.g. allow/deny list is self-explanatory; and for a master branch, that only contains major versions, "release" sounds better; or for personal projects where you're the only contributor, having a "main" could be enough. Branches can be renamed anytime, and should be without consequences, this master/main thing is just a nice gesture IMO

@avndp Firefox for both, because it works. But also, I have used all google-related products until not so long ago, when I decided to de-google. That de-googling process included the browser.

@selea @amolith
or devops talking about k8s saying that containers should always be up running whatever they have in them, with layers and layers of abstraction in between; and when something is down developers should be the ones in the front-line because they know the product better

@jmg@social.nixnet.services potatoes should also be free and libre


@melyanna first half ending at the end of June I meant, so the second half would start July 1st

I thought you were saying that June was the first month of the second half :(

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