Tomorrow is a new week, a new month and the beginning of the secon half of the year.

@melyanna to me, second half of the year starts on July, so there's 6 months from Jan to Jun, and 6 from Jul to Dec

there's still one month left to fix recent events :) ...

@alazarte ... Or make it worse 😅

(You do have a point about the first half of the year actually ending at the end of July).


@melyanna first half ending at the end of June I meant, so the second half would start July 1st

I thought you were saying that June was the first month of the second half :(

@alazarte yeah, I got it. :)
Your message was very clear, mine not so much (I blame the food coma LOL)

I'll keep my fingers crossed that things will get a little better this month, so the sencond half of the year starts off on the right foot - and carries on like that.

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