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The #BlabberIM version 3.1.2 was released yesterday.
For Playstore users: please update the playstore version manually. This is necessary, because I can't update the app via the playstore (Google deleted the app). Further updates will be recognised by the internal updater. You should inform and/or help all playstore users you are knowing.

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We would like to say thanks to everyone, in the community and beyond, for your continuous engagement and development!
Say thanks to the software projects you use and maybe also give something back. Looking forward to the next year, and the exciting things we will achieve!

@kev Ubuntu is used by Google and Based on Debian which is Quite mature and Stable in itself. Well There are Advance users of MAC-OS and Windows, I agree to the Point.
Linux has suffered alot and Microsoft has again taken advantage by Making WSL and Docker likes part of Windows.
Hopes of Desktop UI are gone with Android Being mostly Mobile Centric.

@kev @arivigo Well That's your case.... Its not applicable to all... And Its Natural for a new Architecture to take some time for platform integration...
Rest lets see How much it effects like brew pakage manager. I am not aware about Apple Silion's ISA compatability but hope ARMv8 Binaries should work

@kev @arivigo Try Microsoft Teams on M1 MAC with MAC OS... Not and IOS Device.. alot of other appsnuse emulation... Off couse the complete Machine arcitecture is changed.. Not all Apps Compile to ARM or X86.. its Natual for compilers

@arivigo @kev 2/2 By the way This New M1 MAC cannot run everything, it will take time and some of the code cannot be ported or Efficently Emulated, Lastly one of the promises of M1 was reduced cost... Wothac Pro M1 Pro/Max where it is.. and Don't give argument of additional Two Cores or more GPU cores as these are ARM 8, then how about Chinese Kirin Cores...

@arivigo @kev Well I believe FOSS Community loves a Good Working Piece of Code, Platfrom, Hardware, Network as they have Brain Children. Look at the roots of Darwin Kernel and you will find FOSS. Now For the Tightly coupled, its their Biz Model.


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