Can someone please confirm on how well manjaro will run steam and be able to play triple a games, im worried there may be missing libraries and problems with vulkan.

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WiPri (WiFi Privacy) Updated Today (any Linux):

Many custom/classic options: unique mac address spoof + hostname + signal strength + SSID (including customized boot options added today) w/unique settings (including multiple types of continual changing randomization or device/brand mimic randomization) + protection checks from leaks (on static settings) (Continued...)

Tor Download: gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu3

Opening screenshots:

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I want to jump to a new os, kinda sick of Ubuntu. What should I jump to?

Can someone please explain to me how do I get past the oauth request when trying to login via pixeldroid for pixelfed. When I enter the instance I want, it redirects me to the browser with a oauth request. If I need to insert a api, where do I add it?

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Mobexler is a customised virtual machine, designed to help in penetration testing of Android & iOS applications

After what happened in Australia, its no surprise the British empire would bring the same tactic home.

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